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good morning. too hot to handle. good morning. too hot to handle. that dangerous heat wave gripping much of the nation this morning. 32 states under a heat advisory. millions looking for a way to stay cool. when will it end? al has some answers. all the way to the top. britain's prime minister forced to testify before parliament today in connection with that tabloid phone-hacking scandal. a day after rupert murdoch denied any knowledge of wrongdoing. his testimony interrupted by a protester with a pie. and swept away. three hikers feared dead after reportedly getting caught in a dangerous current and pulled over a big waterfall at yosemite national park. and searchers are out looking
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for their bodies today wednesday, july 20th, 2011. captions paid for by nbc-universal television >> and good morning, everyone. welcome to "today" on a wednesday morning. i'm matt lauer. >> and i'm ann curry. as you see, it's 76 degrees already at 7:00 a.m. here in new york city. and new york is one of 32 states under a heat advisory warning today. >> i think you can see that shot from above, the haze that's hanging over the city. apparently a lot of the country is trapped inside what people are calling a heat dome. inside that dome temperatures in the 90s and 100s in areas that aren't used to getting that hot. now you throw humidity on top of that, and there is simply no way to escape.
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how long will all this last? we'll check in with al roker on that in just a moment. then we're going to talk about wendy murdoch, the wife of rupert murdoch. she was the first person to leap to her husband's defense when a protester tried to hit him in the face with a pie as he was testifying in front of parliament about that phone-hacking scandal. who is she, and what do her actions say about her? we'll get into that. and i may be holding a delectable dessert, but we'll be talking about restaurant chains that sell meals and desserts like this that can give you an entire day's worth of calorie and fat in one sitting. >> i know. and it looks really enticing. >> you shouldn't drink it, but on a day like today, you put it on your forehead. it's nice. on that point, let's go directly to al for a check of today's weather. hey, al. >> in fact, on the map, you get an idea, when you say 32 states, we're talking about 100 million people. almost two-thirds of the population of the united states under either a heat watch, a
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heat warning or a heat advisory. and here's why. we've got this big area, upper-level ridge of high pressure. but here's the other factor, the humidity levels, much higher. why? because of all the spring flooding. because of all spring flooding, the soil is saturated. and this heat is now releasing that moisture. it's moving up into the atmosphere. and that's why we have such high humidity levels which add to the heat indexes, making them so dangerous. look at these temperatures. des moines today, air temperature, 99, 101 in kansas city, 102 in little rock. philly will get to 94. you add in that humidity, and we're looking at heat indices, 115 in minneapolis. it will feel like 100 in philadelphia. 109 in indianapolis. 115 in chicago. and we really don't get much relief. a little cold front will drop down, bring a break to the northern-tier states for a day, and then the heat's right back. this will continue to expand out and eastward. we're in the thick of this. these advisories and watches go
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out at least three days. >> thanks very much. we'll grett your forecast in a couple of minutes. meantime, the british parliament is trying to get to the bottom of that phone-hacking scandal this morning, calling the british prime minister to testify. this comes a day after media mow ghoul rupert murdoch denied doing anything wrong, his testimony interrupted by a protester with a pie. nbc's stephanie gosk is in london. stephanie, good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning, matt. it's another special session of parliament today. british prime minister david cameron cutting his trip to africa short to come back and face off against parliament. but don't expect the same kind of drama we saw here yesterday. like one of the celebrities that fill his tabloids, rupert murdoch and his son, james, are making splashy headlines today. nearly every british paper seizes on the drama of the day. the so-called humble pie attack. seated behind him at the hearing, rupert murdoch's wife, wendi, turned into a bodyguard, springing to his defense, wielding an instinctive and
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accurate punch. >> your wife has a very good left hook. >> reporter: the man behind the failed attack was amateur immediate comedian johnny marble. father and son sat side by side for three hours, apologizing over and over. >> this is the most humble day of my life. >> i would like to say as well just how sorry we are, to particularly the victims of illegal voice mail interceptions. >> reporter: but at no point during the hearing did either murdoch accept responsibility for phone hacking at "news of the world." >> mr. murdoch, do you accept that ultimately you are responsible for this whole fiasco? >> no. >> you are not responsible? he's not responsible? >> the people that i trusted to run it and then maybe the people they trusted. >> reporter: from the beginning, james took the lead. >> i think my son can perhaps answer that in more detail. >> reporter: at times jumping in to help when his 80-year-old father searched or stumbled for the answers.
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>> mr. john chapman. >> reporter: the parliament committee had hoped to get answers to specific detailed questions about the phone hacking, but often the head of news corp. and his deputy chief operating officer either didn't know or weren't saying. >> i have no knowledge. >> i cannot -- i don't know. >> reporter: james defended executives les hinton and rebekah brooks, who resigned from their positions last friday. both formerly led the british newspaper. later in the day brooks faced questions by herself from the same panel. she was arrested on sunday over allegations of phone hacking and payments to police for information. she, too, denies any wrongdoing or any knowledge of wrongdoing. >> i have never paid a policeman myself. >> reporter: but for the murdochs, the day was not just about defending themselves. they were trying to salvage the reputation of news corp. >> "the news of the world" is less than 1% of our company. i employ 53,000 people around the world. >> reporter: in just two weeks,
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the second largest media company in the world has come under withering attack. >> and it is our determination to both put things right, make sure these things don't happen again. >> reporter: it is widely believed that james wants the top job at news corp. himself, but for the moment that position isn't open. >> mr. murdoch, have you considered resigning? >> no. >> why not? >> because i feel that people i trusted have let me down. i'm the best person to clean this up. >> reporter: the murdochs were specifically asked if reporters at "news of the world" hacked the cell phones of 9/11 victims. rupert murdoch answered that question himself. he said, "i have seen no evidence that that took place." matt? >> all right. stephanie gosk in london this morning, stephanie, as always, thank you very much. michael wolff is the editorial director of "adweek" magazine. and martin bashir is host of "the martin bashir show" on msnbc. guys, good morning to both of
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you. >> good morning, matt. >> michael, let me start with you. yesterday you said you thought there was the potential for a complete meltdown on the part of rupert murdoch. you watched the testimony as everyone else did. did he help or hurt himself with members of parliament and shareholders in his company? >> he held a certain kind of ground here. and he did it in a very by-the-book way. what he and his son did was stonewall. they went up there. they said they knew nothing. it was everybody else's fault. they were apart from whatever went on. it was the classic legalistic defense. >> were they a good team? did they complement one another? at times rupert was at a loss for words. at other times he was banging his hand on the table, showing emotion. james seemed to be more detailed oriented, although he said, i'm not a lawyer, he sounded like a lawyer at times. how did they do with one another? >> i think the lasting impression was rupert is too
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old, james is too young. rupert doesn't know what's going on because he's in a fog, actually, is what it seems. >> is that fair, or is it because, as he kept saying, this is a vast company with 53,000 employees, and you can't know what each one of them is doing? >> on this point i can speak at a personal experience. i sat with rupert murdoch for nine months several times a week. much of that time as i sat there, he took calls from his papers in london. this is what this man lives for. >> so you are saying he is more connected, in your opinion, to this company and all of its aspects than he let on yesterday? >> absolutely. and i don't know anyone involved in the company who didn't watch that and was -- with a slight guffaw. >> martin, one of the things that struck me the most, the moment when one of the members of parliament asked him, do you think you're responsible? i'm paraphrasing here. but rupert murdoch said no. he thought for a second, then said no. he said, "it was the people i trusted and perhaps the people they trusted." now, in all my years
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interviewing politicians, presidents, corporate ceos in crisis, they almost always say, you know what? it happened on my watch. i am ultimately responsible. we didn't hear that from rupert murdoch. >> no, we didn't. and it was interesting because this is probably one of the few occasions in life where being 80 years old was actually beneficial because he seemed like a very old, frail man on occasions. and yet remarkably he held very clearly to two truths that he maintains, first, that he knew nothing about illegal phone hacking, that he knew nothing about the procurement by private detectives of private medical records stolen by members on behalf of the newspaper, and he also said he knew nothing about the illegal payment of police officers. and yet at the same time, he says he knows nothing about the interactions of his journalists. one of the interesting things is if you read the autobiography and diaries of piers morgan, he
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was account "the news of the world" editor for 18 months. he spoke to rupert murdoch once a week every week for 18 months. and as michael was just saying, it's provoked something of, i guess, mild hilarity amongst journalists that this man was claiming that he knew nothing. remember, matt, this newspaper produced some of the most spectacular, superlative, sensational stories that one can imagine. >> so martin -- >> knowing how much he loves journalism -- >> if the responsibility doesn't lie with rupert murdoch and it doesn't lie with james murdoch and rebekah brooks took the stand or testified later on and said she had no knowledge, if this boulder of responsibility keeps rolling downhill, who eventually gets crushed by it? >> well, at the moment it appears to be the police, first of all, because they are being criticized by two committees in the house of commons, condemned, frankly. the most senior police officer in the united kingdom has resigned, sir paul stevenson, the second most senior police officer, john yates, has
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resigned. and then we have a number of journalists, two of whom have already been to prison, eight of whom have been arrested. but at the moment, none of the senior management of news corp. has been pursued by anyone. and that remains, as you said earlier, remarkable. >> michael, let's go to this moment. it was the video of the afternoon, this protester, this guy, johnny marbles, coming up with a shaving cream pie to attack murdoch. do you think this was the ultimate embarrassment at the end of a humiliating day, or in some ways does this turn rupert murdoch into the victim? you feel sorry for this guy? >> this was the saving grace. before this i speculated that there would be some great diversionary moment. and this certainly seemed like it. it was -- >> are you alleging some conspiracy here? >> that this was a murdoch prank on the order of all murdoch pranks, or as they say in the business, this is the ultimate
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murdoch wood? no, i'm not. if they had thought of it, it would have been the perfect thing to think of. >> so he comes across as a sympathetic character after that event? >> and it also puts the focus on somebody else in the family. it puts the focus on wendi. it was a moment that i'm sure right now they are saying, we are lucky people. >> martin, real quickly, i've only got ten seconds left. i need you to help me on this. this idea that rupert murdoch says i'm the best person to clean this up, meaning this scandal and this mess, you think shareholders and his board of directors will agree with him? >> i don't think they will ultimately, but in the short term, i think the company is so toxic that they'd rather he stayed in that position and rode this out. but remember, there are something like three separate criminal inquiries into what's been going on. i suspect that in 18 months' time, rupert murdoch won't be in the position that he's in today because by then these inquiries
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will come home to roost. there will be prosecutions. and people will be sent to jail. >> martin bashir -- >> i give them till the end of december. what did they know? when did they know it? that's now where this scandal is at. >> michael wolff, martin bashir, thanks to both of you. i appreciate it. 14 minutes after the hour. catch "the martin bashir show" on msnbc weekdays at 3:00 p.m. on msnbc. and now here's ann. matt, thank you. now to washington and that fierce fight over raising the debt ceiling. is there a light at the end of the tunnel? our political director and chief white house correspondent, chuck todd, has the latest on the deal making. chuck, good morning. >> good morning, ann. >> well, the president, as you know, is endorsing this emerging bipartisan so-called gang of six plan. promising? >> well, it's promising in this respect, is that it's clearly a vehicle to do a big deal on deficit reduction at some point this year. but this is not going to be the piece of legislation that raises the debt ceiling. time is running out on that front. even the president yesterday,
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when he came out, endorsed it, hinted at that which is why this backdoor legislative gymnastic deal that mitch mcconnell and harry reid are coming up with is still going to be the thing that raises the debt ceiling. but this -- you know, one of the reasons the president endorsed this, conservative oklahoma senator tom coburn came out and endorsed it in the morning. two hours later the president did. the closest friend in the republican party the president has is tom coburn, ann. >> okay. now, at the same time, according to this new nbc news/"wall street journal" poll, while 55% of americans believe not raising the debt ceiling would be a, quote, real and serious problem, there doesn't seem to be a consensus on just exactly what washington should do, chuck. >> well, there isn't. now, when we presented them the two options that were being debated last week, the president's idea of this $4 trillion which is similar to gang of six, a $4 trillion mix of some tax hikes plus some cuts and reforms to entitlements like medicare and social security versus a cuts-only approach that house republicans were pitching,
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it was a landslide as far as what the public preferred. 58% preferring the president's vision on that front versus 36% on theirs. so this is a case where the president and the white house, they're seeing the same numbers. and that's why they jumped so quickly and so fast on this gang of six proposal. >> okay. but it's interesting because there's so much writing on this in terms of, you know, when you polled and you asked people who gets the blame if there isn't a deal, in fact, if the debt creeling is is not raised, let's take a look at the numbers. >> it is. and that's a mixed bag. 35% would blame the president and democrats. 39% would blame republicans. but, you know, most of this poll shows that the middle of the country and a majority of americans basically don't like the republican position on this debt plan. but who does like the republican position right now on all of these fronts and, you know, sticking to their guns on taxes? tea party supporters. and that is why you're seeing republicans, they're caught between their tea party
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supporters who want them to do one thing and frankly independents who want them to do another. in 2010, ann, independents and tea party supporters were on the same page. they were all angry at the president and democrats. they're not on the same page on this debt plan. >> very true words. chuck todd, thanks so much. 7:17. once again here's matt. >> thank you very much. congresswoman michele bachmann is surging in the early presidential polls, but today she's facing some questions about her health and how it might affect her campaign and possible presidency. kelly o'donnell's nbc's capitol hill correspondent. good morning. >> good morning, matt. michele bachmann is somewhere between contender and front-runner and with that comes a lot of attention and some negative stories. it's sbreging that bachmann and her campaign have often avoided or refused to comment about some of that criticism. but when it came to her health, she responded quickly. >> don't give up! >> reporter: this time the questions have nothing to do with her politics. >> i prescribe medication that i take on occasion whenever
7:18 am
symptoms arise, and they keep my migraines under control. >> reporter: a report on michele bachmann's struggle with migraines is a political headache on the campaign trail. >> but i'd like to be abundantly clear, my ability to function effectively will not affect my ability to serve as commander in chief. >> reporter: in south carolina on tuesday -- >> this is a bold step. >> reporter: -- bachmann faced questions about that report saying her migraines can be, quote, incapacitating. a conservative website "the daily caller" based its story on accounts from aides. >> the headaches have resulted in her going to the hospital at least three times that we know of. and in one case, she missed congressional votes on the day that she was hospitalized. >> reporter: bachmann chose to take it head on insisting migraines do not harm her candidacy. >> since entering this campaign for the presidency, i have maintained a full schedule. >> reporter: strong said his unnamed sources have their own
7:19 am
political agenda. >> these are republicans who worry that barack obama could skate away with re-election if this blew up during the general election campaign. >> reporter: campaigning last summer, bachmann's hometown paper reported she canceled an event and was hospitalized briefly with an undisclosed illness. tuesday she tried to offer an upbeat spin, making this about public education rather than damage control. >> the many questions i have received on this subject have allowed me to discuss this important condition that impact miss americans and individuals in nearly 1 in 4 american households. >> reporter: doctors say migraines are common and treatable with medication but can be brought on by stress. >> the body is telling you you need sleep or needing to eat or needing to reduce the stress levels. >> reporter: and that's where the politics comes in. >> it goes to the heart of the question of her ability to serve. and her condition may not be a problem, or it may be a big problem. that's why she has to come
7:20 am
clean. >> and the health of candidates is often a subject in campaigns. i was in the room when medical records were shown for john mccain or john kerry, but it usually doesn't happen this early. bachmann and her campaign say they may be pressured to provide more information like what types of medications she takes, but they say it's not an issue now. matt? >> kelly o'donnell reporting from washington, thanks very much. a check of the rest of the day's top stories. we have savannah guthrie filling in for natalie. >> good morning, ann and matt. in the news this morning, the search resumes for the bodies of three hikers believed to have been swept away by a waterfall at yosemite national park. nbc's george lewis is there this morning. george, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, savannah. we're at yosemite falls. the search is being concentrated where two men and a woman plunged 300 feet. so far in the search, no
7:21 am
survivors and no bodies. yosemite's many waterfalls are putting on a spectacular show this summer, swollen by runoff from record winter snowfall. >> this year the yosemite national park area received 199% of normal snow pack. what that leads us to is high water. >> reporter: it also led to tragedy when some hikers decided to dip their feet in the water at the top of vernal fall. >> it was just -- it was just -- i was shocked. i mean, to see people fall from that high and the current. >> reporter: news anchor faith sidlow of nbc station ksee in fresno, california, says one of her friends saw the two men and a woman fall. >> my friends said that there were so many people who were up there that saw this happen, and all of them, men, women, everybody was crying. >> reporter: the river currents below all the falls in yosemite are especially treacherous this year because of all the runoff.
7:22 am
park officials say visitors underestimate the strength of the rushing water. at least eight people have died in the park this year. now, they're still calling this a search-and-rescue operation, although it seems difficult that anybody could have survived that 300-foot drop. >> nbc's george lewis at yosemite, thank you. a 20-day government shutdown in minnesota is nearing an end as lawmakers approved a budget deal early this morning. the state will get back up and running as soon as the governor signs on. it's the last full day in orbit for nasa's shuttle "atlantis." this morning commander chris ferguson talked to nbc about the shuttle program's legacy. >> as the space shuttle does retire, and we hate to see it go, we know it's leaving an incredible lasting legacy. and of that we're extraordinarily proud. and the space shuttle program should be extraordinarily proud of what it's left behind. >> well, the crew is expected to touch down here on earth tomorrow. it's now 7:22. back to ann, matt and al.
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>> savannah, thanks so much. >> mr. roker, more to talk about. >> that's what's going on around the country. here's what's happening in your neck of the woods. . good morning to you. well, we've got a really nice, clear start. we usually don't see conditions this nice at this time of the day in the city of san francisco. enjoy it. it's going to be hot. outlook shows 95 degrees for wednesday, 96 on thursday, 86 friday. we'll drop back off to our seasonal averages and even below on sunday. next week, much hotter than average. hope you have a great wednesday. >> media hot on the trail of casey anthony. where is she? we'll get into that in a moment. first this is today on nbc. hi parents, it's going to be such a big school year. your kids will each take care of our class hamsters, lewis & clark.
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then i'll tell them the story of pluto, the sad little planet that was. i'll introduce them to some new friends, the fractions, and some cold blooded ones, the dinosaurs. [sfx: dinosaur growl] clark! anyway, here's what they'll need: markers, scissors, crayons, pencils, folders, juice boxes, pretzel sticks, glue sticks, tape that sticks, and glitter. so much glitter. school takes a lot. target has it all.
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still ahead, are you your child's worst nightmare? we'll look at why parents can be so embarrassing to their kids. plus this morning, extreme eating. the popular restaurant meals that can give you a full day's worth of calories in one sitting after your local news. good morning. it's 7:26. i'm marla tellez. this morning a driver is in the hospital with severe injuries after slamming into a big rig earlier this morning. the car plowed into the big rig around 2:15 on westbound 580 in livermore just east of spring town. you can see here the car was dragged along the highway before the rig came to a stop. the chp reopened all lanes of that freeway at 4:15 this morning. no word yet on what caused that accident. this morning vallejo police searching for the person who shot and killed the 30-year-old woman at a hotel parking lot.
7:27 am
this happened late last night. a hotel guest called 911 about 11:30 last night to report hearing shots fired at the deluxe inn on solano avenue. so far they are not releasing any information about the possible suspect or suspects. now turning to your forecast, we turn to meteorologist christina loren with a nice layer of overcast in the city behind us here. >> actually we're only seeing that fog and low cloud cover over the bridges. we have a beautiful clear start in the city of san francisco. hot inland because it's so clear out there. it's going to be really nice if you're waking up with us in san francisco or oakland, 79 in the city today. oakland about 82 degrees for you. as we head through this weekend, temps are going to cool down, just two warm days to get through before we see more of the same of the past 10 days. cooler than average weather to look forward to. 58 in san francisco, later 79 degrees, seven-day outlook shows you we start to drop off once
7:28 am
again friday into the weekend. let's check your drive now with mike inouye. >> we continue to follow the deadly accident and investigation of the deadly impact. our chopper over the scene, south side of 101 approaching san tomas expressway, this chopper video from half hour ago. northbound direction very slow from 680 all the weighs up past capital expressway. repercussions on 77 and 85 as folks try to get out of the back-up. back to you. >> thank you, mike. for the latest traffic and news updates find us on facebook nbc bay area morning news. we'll be back at 7:5
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7:30 now on this wednesday morning, july 20th, 2011. another hot one here in the big apple and all around the nation as well. al is going to have more on that story coming up in just a few moments. meantime, back inside studio 1a, i'm ann curry along with matt lauer. and coming up, you know, you know that they're an indulgence when you order them, but do you know how many calories and how much fat and sodium you're consuming -- >> what is that? >> -- some of your favorite -- i know. look at that. i can't even tell you what that is. these are some of the meals from your favorite restaurant chains. and the question is, which one of them have won extreme eating awards including a fried cheese
7:31 am
melt that's equal to eating two personal pan pizzas. maybe that's what that is. there this morning. anyway, we're going to get into that this morning. >> i've got to get one of those. then, also, the question, who is wendi murdoch? she is the wife of rupert murdoch and the mother of two of his children. and man, she can pack quite a punch. she leapt to her husband's defense on tuesday when someone hit him with a shaving cream pie. we'll have much more on her coming up. and a little later, what to do if your kids complain that you em prayers them. that's right. but first to a serious story, casey anthony and the continuing speculation about where she might be now that she's a free woman. nbc's kerry sanders has been tracking her movements. and he's in prescott, arizona, this morning. kerry, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, ann. flight records show that a plane belonging to one of casey anthony's former attorneys left orlando on sunday shortly after
7:32 am
she was released from jail. it flew from florida to california, but it made a stop here at this tiny little airport in prescott, arizona. the ground crews here tell nbc news say it's unusual that the pilot stopped at this out of the way airport because he did not stop to refuel. he was simply on the ground here long enough to let somebody get off. >> breaking news. is this casey anthony? that is the question. >> reporter: the hunt to find casey anthony took a comical turn on tuesday. >> people are speculating that yes, that is casey anthony. >> reporter: a circus of news cameras rushed to orlando's executive airport after a tip the plane belonging to casey anthony's former attorney had landed again with her on board. >> breaking news in the casey anthony story. >> reporter: on twitter, "the orlando sentinel" tweeted, i guess this answers everyone's question -- casey anthony is back home in orlando. but it would turn out the woman was not casey. reportedly it was all a joke.
7:33 am
played on reporters by the plane's crew. >> we the jury find the defendant not guilty. >> reporter: even after the verdict, the two sides are still fighting. on tuesday the prosecution denied accusations that it withheld evidence from the defense about searches for chloroform done on the anthonys' home computer. >> how many times was that site visited? >> according to the history, 84 times. >> reporter: computer programmer jon bradley's software revealed the damning evidence. but after he testified, bradley tells nbc news he checked the results and discovered a software glitch. there was but one search for chloroform, not 84. defense attorney jose baez tells nbc news prosecutors never told him when they found that out, as required by law. but in a statement issued tuesday, the orange county state attorney's office said, all of this information was disclosed to the defense in a timely manner. former federal prosecutor kendall coffey. >> prosecutors want to win, but
7:34 am
they have to do it the right way. and that means a duty to turn over evidence that's helpful to the defense even if that causes the prosecutor to lose the trial. >> reporter: as both sides continue to spar outside the courtroom, this morning we still don't know where casey anthony is. is she at one of the nearby mental health facilities here getting treatment? her attorneys certainly said that she needed it after spending three years solitaire in a cell. or did she go on perhaps to california? is she at a beach relaxing? her attorneys won't say where she is. ann? >> we'll see how long that secret lasts. kerry sanders, thank you so much. and now here's matt. >> thank you very much. now to a mystery in california. the wealthy ceo whose girlfriend and son both died within the last week in separate incidents inside his oceanfront mansion. nbc's miguel almaguer is in coronado. miguel, good morning to you.
7:35 am
>> reporter: matt, good morning. it's been a week since the body of 32-year-old rebecca zahau was discovered here, but today they still haven't identified how she died. they found her body just two days after a fatal accident involving a 6-year-old boy here, a bizarre set of events that continues to baffle investigators. the mansion's owner is the multimillionaire ceo of an arizona-based company that sells cosmetic drugs. >> we're going to be hitting the market hard with very favorable data. >> reporter: he has not been seen here since the death of his girlfriend and so far has declined to be interviewed. police say she found her dead body in the mansion, her hands and feet, they say, bound with rope. just 48 hours earlier in the same house, police say shacknai's 6-year-old son, max, was found at the bottom of a staircase unconscious and without a pulse. he died this past weekend. >> we have no reason to believe that it's anything other than a tragic accident at this point.
7:36 am
but we are awaiting the results of the coroner's inquest. >> reporter: on monday police in arizona released reports that show a series of arguments between joseph and his second ex-wife, dina, in 2008 and 2009. the documents include complaints of violence on both sides. in one, after jonas says dina tried to choke him, dina describes being bitten by his german shepherd in the presence of their child, adding, i feel scared of what he is capable of doing to me physically via the dog as well as the lengths he would go to try to destroy me. no criminal charges were filed. in response, they issued a joint statement saying, quote, these police reports are not reflective of the totality or the precise details of the events during a difficult time in our marriage. shacknai has not issued any statement on the death of rebecca. police say they do not believe he was home when she died. they say it was her brother who found her body and called 911. >> we have spoken to both brothers, yes, and we have
7:37 am
conducted thorough interviews with the brothers and, again, they've been cooperative with us. >> reporter: although police say they found her body naked, her hands bound with a rope behind her back and her feet tied together, too, they have not ruled out the possibility that her death was a suicide. >> we have had cases where people have secured their hands behind their back or secured their legs. it's not unusual to see cases like that. however, this case is suspicious. there's no question about it. >> reporter: police say they are still looking into the question as to whether these two deaths could possibly be connected. they are asking for patience as they await forensic results to come back from the crime lab. matt? >> miguel almaguer in california this morning on this story. miguel, thanks very much. let's get a check of the weather now from al. >> "today's weather" is brought to you by usaa, proudly serving the men and women who protect our freedom and our families. our freedom and our families.
7:38 am
>> oh, man, it is sticky out here. we've got some friends here from holland and australia. very nice. you're getting some of our heat. are you enjoying our summer? >> yes, i am. >> there you go. i like the bolo. very nice. let's check your weather, see what's happening. and we've got afternoon temperatures. 80s and 90s into new england. we're looking at 100s as you get into the southwest, midplains, up into the upper mississippi river valley. we are talking heat indices that are on the dangerous side. a risk of strong storms in the northern mississippi river valley. partly sunny skies with a few showers in the pacific northwest where it's much cooler. the gulf coast looking kind of steamy as well. and we've got family with -- what's your names? >> shannon. >> markel. >> and your six kids. wow! that's a lot of good morning to you. we have a treat for you and your kids, if you have them. we have a gorgeous start over the city, san francisco, you
7:39 am
cooped couldn't even see trans america pyramid yesterday morning. this morning a clear shot, a little fog and low cloud cover but only along the the bridges this morning. by noon all that will clear out. 6, mild conditions, 4:00 p.m. you're high today 79 degrees in the city of san francisco. gorgeous day. a little warmer elsewhere, abnormally hot. next days 94 in fremont. all right, al, thanks so much. up next, extreme eating. the meal that's equal to downing two steaks and a side of mashed potatoes right afters. mine was earned over the south pacific in 1943. vietnam, 1967. i got mine in iraq, 2003. u.s.a.a. auto insurance is often handed down from generation to generation, because it offers a superior level of protection and because u.s.a.a.'s commitment to serve the military, veterans, and their families is without equal. begin your legacy. get an auto insurance quote. u.s.a.a. we know what it means to serve.
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ensure! nutrition in charge! back now at 7:43. and this morning on "today's health," the extreme eating awards. the center nor science and the public interest just released its awards for 2011. listing the most calorie and fat-filled dishes you can order at some of the most popular chain restaurants in the united states. madeline is here, she's "today's" diet and nutrition editor with the latest on these dubious awards. madeline, good morning. >> some prize, huh? >> we should mention that we contacted the chain restaurants. they said that they all serve low-calorie items. but let's get to what they also serve. this is called a farmhouse burger. it's a burger topped with
7:44 am
grilled smoked pork belly, cheddar cheese and a fried egg from the cheesecake factory. 1530 calories, madeline. >> you look at this, we've lost all sense of what a portion is. if it's on the plate, that's a serving. this is breakfast, lunch and dinner in one meal. if you compare this to three giant cheeseburgers, these dig cheeseburgers, one of these used to seem like a supersize burger. so we've lost all sense of portions. this is for three people and adding fries adds another 500 calories. >> unfortunately, it looks really good. let's move on to a fried cheese melt. this doesn't look like it's too much, right? look at this. but it's got four fried mozzarella sticks, melted american cheese between two slices of sourdough bread. >> it doesn't look like a lot, but a small, flimsy slice of cheese. load it up with fried cheese gives you something that doesn't look like a lot, but actually one sandwich is the same as two
7:45 am
personal pan pizzas. this is a serving for two. so if you ate a half a sandwich, that wouldn't be a problem. but people are looking at this. and we don't estimate calories well. you look at this, how many calories could it have? 300 or 400? but it's a lot more. >> 1260 calories. >> provolone-stuffed meatballs from applebee's. >> cheese has become the new condiment. cheese is stuffed everywhere. >> flavor. >> exactly. they have regular meatballs as well, but this is also four cups of pasta. it's four servings with a cream sauce and marinara sauce. it's like eating two big steaks and mashed potatoes. >> that's unbelievable. >> when you look at this, this is two portions. you can see this. this looks look a serving for one because it's in one dish. so if it's a serving for one, people eat the whole thing. >> dangerous. now we've got a red velvet cake. listen to this, red velvet cake with cheesecake topped with another layer of cake.
7:46 am
this also comes from the cheesecake factory. it's 1540 calories for that. >> right. three quarters of a pound. but the serving doesn't look so huge, giant plate, and forks have gotten huge. >> look at that. >> it doesn't look like that much. this is the kind of thing where you take a bite and pass it on. >> yeah. >> but a dessert comes on a big plate with one fork. so you think it's one serving. but this is to be shared by lots of people. >> and you're saying we could eat that much. >> right. that's the comparison of pizza and burgers. it's a lot of calories. >> we don't want to eat that much. you've got a pb & j shake, peanut butter and chocolate shake from stone cold. that's 2010 calories. that's all you can have in one day. >> liquid calories. this is the problem because it doesn't look like a lot. the whole day. downsize these things. >> madeline trying to keep us healthy. thanks for the warning. >> you're welcome. and coming up next, do your kids say you embarrass the heck out of them? e g ide for parents. but first, these messages.
7:47 am
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it was once in the history books, rupert murdoch and his son testifying in front of parliament about that phone-hacking scandal. and it got us thinking about some of the defining moments in u.s. congressional testimony over the years. nbc's jeff rossen takes a look back. good morning to you. >> matt, good morning to you. certainly plenty of it. it is the ultimate hot seat, facing lawmakers under oath, cameras in your face. it's where the rich and powerful are cut down to size, where
7:50 am
sports icons and celebrities are judged. this morning, the greatest hits, if you will, from the hill. >> do you swear to tell the truth, the whole truth -- >> reporter: oliver north did it in the '80s. >> i do. i have accepted the responsibility for my role in it. >> reporter: anita hill in the '90s. >> after a brief discussion of work, he would turn the conversation to a discussion of sexual matters. >> reporter: the auto execs did it, asking for a bailout. >> we're here today because we made mistakes. >> reporter: and so did monica lewinsky on videotape. >> from what i learned in that conversation, i thought to myself, i knew i would deny the relationship. >> reporter: testifying under oath has a way of turning untouchable icons -- >> my name is on every car. >> reporter: -- into real people. >> i myself as well as toyota am not perfect. >> reporter: sometimes they band together like big tobacco.
7:51 am
>> i don't believe that nicotine or our products are addictive. >> i believe nicotine is not addictive. >> i believe that nicotine is not addictive. >> reporter: but often it's lonely up there. just ask the former ceo of bp. >> you're copping out. you're the captain of the ship. >> with respect, sir, we draw hundreds of wells a year all around the world. >> reporter: on monday rupert murdoch had his son by his side in the uk, though it was his wife who really came to the rescue when he needed it most. a pie thrown in his face. during the hearing, the billionaire media mogul was very much an 80-year-old man, sitting in judgment. >> this is the most humble day of my life. >> reporter: it's not all bad. sometimes celebrities want to talk. >> i'm one of a million involuntary experts on parkinson's disease. >> reporter: sometimes they don't. baseball legends roger clemens. >> let me be clear, i have never taken steroids or hgh.
7:52 am
>> reporter: bottom line, even if you don't get a pie in the face, it can sure feel like one. >> it's very intense. say why the heat can get so hot that their pants might burst into flames. >> and what you say to congress can come back to bite you. after the testimony we showed by roger clemens, he was charged with perjury. he's currently fighting those allegations. there was recently a mistrial, matt, but he may be tried again. >> an interesting look back. jeff rossen, thank you very much. and still ahead this morning, standing by her man. a closer look at wendy murdoch who jumped in to protect her 80-year-old husband, rupert, on tuesday. pretty dramatic image. her moves coming up right after your local news.
7:53 am
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good morning. it's now 7:56. i'm marla tellez. this morning the outlook is not good from an east bay teen rescued from a collapsed sand tunnel while playing on the beach. parents of 17-year-old ryan bukz buchanan say their son will most likely never move on his own again. he was trapped underneath the sand with no air for 10 minutes. this was during a church trip in watsonville beach. he and a friend were diging a tunnel. meteorologist christina loren joins us with a look at your forecast. good morning. >> good morning to you. yeah, one of the clearest starts we've had in over a week in the city of san francisco. as a result you'll climb in temperature to 79 degrees today.
7:57 am
elsewhere down right hot inland. only a couple of days 94 concord, 49 fairfield and 93 livermore. east bay and south bay valleys will be the warmest. see from the seven day outlook thursday bump it temperature up a little bit to 96 degrees. friday through the weekend our temps fall back into the 80s. nice, comfortable weekend for you. then next week we really start to climb. so you might want to go ahead and make those outdoor plans for this week and next weekend looking much hotter on average. significant slowing on the southbound side of what is it in the south bay this morning. mike. >> the accident is on the southbound side. let me onshow you the northbound side of 280. that's what's really getting the impact. folks are trying to get away from the jam on the northbound side of 101. starting to move, shift up towards 280, 85 to 17 and getting onto 280 as your alternate now towards 101. the deadly accident we're talking about, continue to follow that accident on the southbound side approaching san
7:58 am
tomas slowing 237 to sunnyvale and santa clara approaching the scene. only two lanes open there. allen our photographer still on scene. we expect another hour at least for this investigation to continue. you see all the flashing lights. there you go the northbound side coming toward us, everybody distracted because of the low center divide, see the activity on the north side of the freeway. that's what's causing the slowdown in the already crowded commute directs. travel times 101, 280 and 85 through the area, keep that in mind. allow a lot of extra team especially 280, very slow coming off 680. back to you. >> thank you, mike. for the latest traffic and news updates find us on facebook, nbc bay area morning news. back with our next news and weather update at 8:26. hey parents, it's going to be a big school year. see, i'm not just teaching woodwinds and strings. i'm teaching attitude!
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♪ driving around town with the girl i love ♪ ♪ and i'm like forget you 8:00 now on a wednesday morning, the 20th day of july, 2011. we've already talked about the heat. but it's also a beautiful, sunny day here in midtown manhattan. a nice crowd to go along with the weather. today we're listening to the music of cee lo green. this is a way of reminding that friday morning that man right there will be putting on a concert on our concert stage. he'll be saying "fororget you" d other things. >> his new song, "bright lights big city." >> he's a lot of fun, great musician. cee lo green live on the plaza friday morning right here on
8:01 am
"today." live on the plaza, i'm matt lauer along with ann curry and al roker. and coming up, how often -- you have kids who are a little older. you have children kind of my kids' age. how often do you embarrass your kids? >> i would say at least once a week, and usually it's because i like to hug them. and it's really hard to know when they want a hug and when they don't want a hug. usually they don't want a hug because they're teenagers. >> basically whenever i'm awake. >> do you do some things on purpose? >> yes, i do. >> well, it is a problem a lot of parents have. they're constantly being told by their kids, mom, dad, you embarrass me. what do you do? how do you keep the peace in your house? we'll be talking about that. also this morning, we'll find out more about wendi murdoch, the one who yesterday at the hearing jumped up and protected her husband from a cream pie that was being thrown at his face during that phone-hacking scandal hearing. so we're going to find out a little bit more about her. she has an interesting back story. and then later on, we'll get
8:02 am
to the new ten rules of the road when you're eating out at restaurants. there's some new etiquette out there. >> that's right. and some of them shake up the old norm. >> and norm will be along, too. hey, norm, how you doing? let's go inside to the news desk to savannah guthrie filling in while natalie's off. >> good morning. in the news, british prime minister david cameron told an emergency session of parliament today that his former press aide, andy colson, is innocent until proven guilty. colson, a one-time tabloid editor, is among those arrested in the phone-hacking scandal that's consumed great britain. on tuesday, rupert murdoch refused to take the blame for hacking at his "news of the world" tabloid. in washington there are new signs of compromise on a long-term deal to reduce the federal deficit. president obama voiced early support for a plan unveiled by a bipartisan group of senators. it would cut the deficit by almost $4 trillion over the coming decade.
8:03 am
32 states from the northern plains to new england are under heat advisories today. at least a dozen deaths are being blamed on this week's high temperatures and humidity. the heat is causing roads to buckle and is straining utility companies to their limits, especially as customers crank up the air conditioning. now to wall street. cnbc's melissa francis is at the new york stock exchange. yesterday the biggest day for the dow so far this year. what do we expect today? >> that's right, 202 points, 2.2% on the nasdaq. it's likely to continue today after apple turned in blockbuster earnings results after the bell yesterday. profit more than doubling. they sold 20 million iphones, almost 10 million ipads. also a short time ago american airlines announcing the largest aircraft order in history. very bullish for the economy and manufacturing. back to you. >> melissa, thank you. now a quick roundup of what has you talking online. bloggers in wendi murdoch's
8:04 am
native china have dubbed her smack-down sister after the walloping seen around the record. she lunged at the pie thrower on tuesday. her story coming up. on yahoo! people are reading about the ultimate dropped call. a skydiver's iphone fell out of his pocket and crash landed on a building, but it's still working. despite the shattered glass. and the latest attempted break-in at the theater where david letterman takes his show. it's all the talk in the blogosphere. the culprit? none other than our very own matt lauer. moonlighting in a "letterman" bit last night. it's now 8:04. back to ann and academy award winner matt lauer. >> wow! >> it was a lifelong dream to try and break into that theater. >> all you had to do was open the door. >> no, no, no, just a little fun with dave. anyway, savannah, thank you very
8:05 am
savannah, thank you very much. it was hot trying to break into that theater. even hotter today. >> actually. letterman's studio is about 55 degrees. that's the place to be, i tell you. let's check your weather. show you what's happening. pick city today, orlando, nbc 2, sunny, hot, 95 degrees an the rest of the country following more of the same. anse vere thunderstorm watch throughout parts of the da koeltas and montana through 1:00 this afternoon. heat continuing to build. dangerous record-high temperatures with heat indices well over 100 degrees. from the upper great lakes down to the gulf. the plains on into the well, we have one of the clearest starts we've had in over a week in the city of san francisco. same goes for oakland. taking a live look, you're actually starting to see the bridge now in the background, which is good news. that means we're going to see a really, really nice day. mostly sunny all day long.
8:06 am
by noon today, not a cloud in the sky. nice and mild. jumping up to 79 as your daytime high in the city of san francisco elsewhere, down right hot in the south and east bays. 94 degrees in concord and one more warm day before we cool off. weather. >> all right, mr. roker. when we com that's your latest weather. >> when we come walk, a little more on wendi murdoch. she jumped into action when somebody tried to throw a pie at her husband in front of parliament. more about her, after these messages. we invented the automobile. ♪ and 80,000 patents later, we're still reinventing it. ♪ it's no coincidence that the oldest car company has the youngest and freshest line in the luxury class. mercedes-benz. see your authorized mercedes-benz dealer for exceptional offers on the e-class. ♪ and i count on social security. here's what i'm not...
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8:10 am
on wendi murdock. she sprung into action when someone tried to attack her husband with a shaving cream pie on tuesday. andrea mitchell with a closer look at this. >> good morning, ann. she has been telling associates for weeks that her husband's tabloid did not do anything that isn't common practice on fleet street and at his hearing, wendi murdoch showed how far she will go to protect the media tycoon, when the self-described comedian went after rupert murdoch with a cream-filled pie. she had her husband's back from the beginning. at times, leaning forward as if reeling rupert murdoch on and when it counted, leaping forward. young, athletic, a former volleyball player in high school, aggressively protecting her 80-year-old husband from the pie-throwing attacker. >> watching him so carefully, that she was the first to be able to get up and before the police or before anyone else, swat away this aggressor.
8:11 am
>> reporter: she is rupert murdoch's glamorous, chinese born third wife. widely viewed as a huge asset to his businesses in china and social and charitable circles in the u.s. now she's a celebrity among celebrities. the 102-year-old mother once called her new daughter-in-law a designing woman, especially when wendi challenged her husband's adult children. fighting so her two young children would get a stake in the company. >> to our children, we try to combine the best of chinese and the best of american methods to teach them. >> and there is her history. coming to the u.s. on a student visa then marrying her first husband, a man who with his wife had sponsored wendi, as first
8:12 am
reported in "the wall street journal." >> wendi, a teenager at the time, had an affair with the father of her sort of adopted father. the two of them ended up getting married for long enough for her to get a green card. >> reporter: now she's a force herself. only last week releasing a movie she produced for her husband's 20th century fox. >> she's a powerful advocate for her husband, for his interests, and for herself. >> reporter: a powerful defender of her husband. >> mr. murdoch, your wife has a very good left hook. >> reporter: as the whole world has now seen. it was actually a right hook, but who's counting? one rag admiringly tagged her krounching tiger, flying wendi. a woman, no matter what happened to rupert murdoch is a fighter to the end. and you just heard savannah today, in cline china today, t calling her smackdown sister.
8:13 am
>> gabriel sherman, contributing editor for "new york" magazine. he wrote a cover story on rupert murdoch earlier this year. and we have a reporter from "the daily beast." >> she is a forceful, powerful, independent strong-willed woman. >> designing woman, or a woman in love protecting her 80-year-old husband? >> i think absolutely both. those two things. also a volleyball player, so that was like a total spike. >> she is 42, he's 80 years old and you have gotten over the course of the past year, to see her face to face. >> a few times. >> what can you tell us that we don't know wendi murdoch? >> she's one tough lady. she might look slim, demure, but she is really tough. her name, when she was born was not wendi, which is now. it was wenga, which in chinese
8:14 am
means cultural revolution. she was named after the cultural revolution, the most blood-thirsty, radical period in chinese history. that was china when she was a kid. >> it's amazing. i saw her at a charity event in d.c. this spring, in front of hundreds of people and a very thick chinese accent. she was giving a public address, plowed right through. and everybody was talking and distracted. up there, not slowed down at all. >> what is her focus? what is her endgame? >> she is now the mother two of small children. she is very focused on making sure those two daughters have the best possible life. you know, as she has. she's got the american dream and she wants to make sure that continues. >> tiger mom. >> she's really sort of stepped away from the company. there was a lot of speculation earlier on she wanted to play an active role. she's very devoted to her children and their social life. the celebrity circle, introduced rupert murdoch to a whole different circle.
8:15 am
the hollywood world that for much of his life he had no interest in. >> there is some reporting that she changed him. >> he dyed his hair, dressing in hipster blue jeans with converse sneakers, seen at downtown restaurant. an entirely different type of rupert murdoch, and it's fascinating that this one woman had so much influence. >> does she have influence on him even from behind the scenes in terms of his mass business? >> yeah, she's a very active voice for him to gelt involved with the internet. friends with the founders of google, sergei brand and behind his myspace. rupert murdoch's myspace acquisiti acquisition. trying to push him into the future. >> in terms of his relationships, her relationships with his older children, is it true that there is disharmony there? how much? >> on the surface, they are very polite and courteous with each other. behind the scenes, there's got to be tension there.
8:16 am
her children are her focus. and -- >> wasn't there a battle? didn't she had to battle? >> she did. and when i interviewed rupert murdoch's mother in 2010, she told me that she hopes wendi and rupert's children have no role in the company. and she said very, very directly, i don't want grace or alcoh chloe to have a future role in the company there is a split. >> do you agree with michael wolf who earlier in9wx the broadcast who has written a biography, that this moment we've been replaying ove over and over again, the fact that we're talking about wendi murdoch is pretty much the best gift to one of the most bedeviled people. >> amazing pr move. they couldn't have asked in a better way for certain pr. changed the entire narrative. we're talking about the sympathetic moment of her standing up for rupert murdoch, where it that wouldn't have happened, we'd be talking about hacking allegations. >> describing woman as you put it who is now --
8:17 am
>> designing but also -- there is genuine chemistry between these two. it's not just a cynical pair. >> there is a deep fondness there. she loves rupert. >> she call each other constantly. wants to make his tie is straight to go interview the prime minister of china, that sort of thing. yeah. >> melinda liu and gabriel sherman, thank you so much. interesting perspective talking to you. and coming up, getting along with your , even w tny are totally embarrassed to be anywhere near you. first, these messages. [ girl ] bye mom! bye sweetie! you'll do great.
8:18 am
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8:21 am
this morning on "today's parenting," embarrassing your kids. no matter how cool you think you are, it's inevitable that you're going to make them cringe at some point in their lives. >> my mom embarrasses me when she sings a lot in the car when my friends are there. >> my mom takes pictures of me when i'm sleeping. she shows all my friends. >> the thing that my mom does that embarrasses me, she always looks on my facebook page. >> i get embarrassed when my mom dances with me really weirdly and it's, like, really embarrassing. >> i was playing a baseball game, and my mom was holding my phone. and i got a text from one of my friends. and my mom actually answered back. >> my friends always do this to me. >> i had an intervention with her one day.
8:22 am
i said no more facebook posting, no more liking, nothing. i laid down the law and said no. >> i said to my mom, stop dancing, like, weird and stuff. i know peopwho people are, so i kind of embarrassing. >> my mom says, i'm just leaving. >> so how do we make sure that parents and children survive all this? ronny is a clinical psychologist and phillip writes the social cues column for "the new york times." good morning to both of you. i read the notes on this last night. i called my son and said, do i embarrass you? he said no, papa, you don't. is it about 10, 11 years old? >> it can start at 10 or 11, but it usually gets worse around puberty because that's when kids become self-conscious. they think the world is looking at them and judging them and by extension looking at you and judging them.
8:23 am
>> does it happen with all kids? and if it does, does that mean the parents aren't really to blame? >> our parents don't press our buttons. they invented our buttockns. it's inevitable. >> tell people what embarrassed your daughter. >> could you stop breathing so loud? >> which is better than, could you stop breathing? >> true, true. that's coming, though, right, ronnie? >> do we have to take this seriously? i mean, does it do harm to them if they're embarrassed? is it going to present problems down the road? or is this just a fact a part of growing up? >> it's absolutely inevitable. make no mistake, every kid is going to be embarrassed by their parents. but what they're embarrassed about can range from serious things like we saw parents who don't respect boundaries to trivial things like the way mom opens up her pocketbook or breathing and things like that. you really have to make a distinction. >> and it's one thing, i think, if you inadvertently embarrass your children. it's another -- and there are
8:24 am
some parents, and i've been guilty of this, too -- i go out of my way to kind of tweak my kids a little bit, trying to kind of build a crust in them. but i embarrass them sometimes on purpose. >> oh, absolutely. and it's a terrific thing. it's a terrific thing for them to go back and forth with you that way. one of the new things, since we were all kids, one of the new things that happens is technology. moms and dads infiltrating their kids' facebook pages and friending their friends, telling their kids -- >> secrets about them. >> yeah. >> i mean, that is completely crossing the line. >> but it's not going to -- and no one's going to end up in an institution. >> that is invasive. >>en invasive and i think violates your kid' privacy. the most important thing is you want to preserve the relationship with your child. >> let's say i take them to school and i give each wuch them a huge hug. after school one of them comes up to me after school and says dad, papa, that embarrasses me. how do i handle that? >> it depends.
8:25 am
you can ask them, why does that embarrass you? when kids are really embarrassed by simple things like that, is it really that big of deal to you to do that? a lot of kids will ask the parents, take me to school but drop me off at the corner. >> so listen respectfully, do a little soul searching. >> yeah, do a little soul searching because are you the parent, for example, who is crossing the boundary? are you the mom who's wearing inappropriate clothing? are you the dad who's trying too hard with your kid? if you are, make some change. >> don't take it too personally. >> right. if it's not your thing, then let it go. >> and taking a beat is really, really important. not responding too quickly because our kids can make us as defensive as anybody else can, more defensive, probably, than anyone else can. so better to just -- what i say in my column all the time is really try to be silent for a while. think about it. then go back. >> all right. good information. and it's going to happen to every single parent. >> inevitably. >> thanks so much. coming up, how to be polite when you're eating at a
8:26 am
restaurant. but first your local news. good morning. it's 8:26. i'm marla tellez. a south bay woman is in jail accused of trying to kidnap a toddler by snatching the toddler out of her mother's arms. san jose police say the 3-year-old and her teenage sister were playing outside their home on park avenue on monday night. that's when a 26-year-old myra flores walked by her and tried to offer her candy. when the toddler ran into her mother's home, flores tried to pull her away from the mother and the mother fought flores off. she was arrested a few blocks
8:27 am
away. a look at your forecast and the morning commute right after this. swipe your card please. excuse me...? this belongs to you... you. excuse me... this is yours... thank you! you're welcome. with chase freedom, you get cash back on what you buy everyday. this is yours! thank you! that's 5% cash back in bonus categories every three months. and an unlimited 1% everywhere else. activate your 5% cash back today at, or at your local chase branch.
8:28 am
good morning to you. just before 8:30 now, we're already seeing the entire city of san francisco with the clear sky above. just a beautiful, beautiful start. there's a little bit of haze over the bridges. we're looking good. hot inland, near 70s at the coast. a couple hot days to get through. 92 in fremont.
8:29 am
warmer tomorrow and 80s return for the weekend. we still have an investigation southbound 101. a live shot out there shows you two lanes blocked. the northbound side is the concern as you come through san jose. it's slow through 85 and 101. 85 to 17 and getting into sunnyvale, it's much easier. >> thanks, mike. for the latest traffic and news updates, find us on facebook. we'll be back at 8:56.
8:30 am
♪ it's all right ♪ it's all right ♪ it's all right 8:30 now on this wednesday morning, july 20th, 2011. our friends out on the plaza are jamming to the song "bright lights and bigger city" by this friday's summer concert star, the one and only cee lo green, you guys. >> it's going to be hot. we're also talking about this
8:31 am
weekend, we're going to show you how to get a little bit of a korean twist courtesy of mr. mark fisher. >> okay. that sounds like a lot of fun. >> last time he was here. >> by "we," you mean you. >> that avocado popsicle. >> absolutely. he's recovered. >> what else is coming up? you want to go out, we're going to have the new restaurant etiquette. top-ten tips including who pays? who opens the door? we'll get you all ready to go out for dinner. okay. but first let's bring in ryan gosling and emma stone. they are in this new movie that is so great called "crazy stupid love." good morning, both of you. >> hi, guys. >> great to have you. welcome, welcome. well, bottom line is, ryan, you play this gorgeous hunk of man candy in this movie that every woman loves. why did you choose a role of this type? >> he's a bashful guy.
8:32 am
>> i wanted to work with steve carell. >> yes. >> when i was 17, i got one of my first jobs in a pilot with him. i didn't get to work with him, but he was so funny. at one point the boom guy dropped the boom just to have a laugh attack in the middle of the scene. and i thought, i have to work with this guy. i've just been following him ever since. >> you've been following him in a weird way, by the way, stalking him. your main nude scene in this movie is not with this lovely young lady right here, it's with steve carell. >> yeah. buzz kill. total buzz kill. i don't know how to explain myself. >> the cast is great. when you look at steve carell and julianne moore and marisa tomei. >> it was pretty incredible. and this guy, this guy over here, it was really fantastic. it was a lot of fun. this may be one of my favorite movies i've ever done. >> lauren bacall.
8:33 am
give us a little taste of that. >> right now? my favorite time of day is night. >> that's pretty good. >> that's good. >> and we hear at 15 you tauglk your parents into going to hollywood on a power-point presentation. >> thank you. >> what was your sales pitch? >> i just remember there was a lot of alliteration. as convincing as possible. >> i saw this movie yesterday, and it's so fun. you made me cry. you made me laugh. this is a great movie. i have a feeling that a lot of people are going to really love it. congratulations to you guys. >> thanks. >> thank you. >> she doesn't like anything. >> i'm picky. >> she was talking about your dirty dancing moves. would you show us those? >> you want to try? >> sure. yeah, come on, ann. >> no, no, no, no, no. >> yeah.
8:34 am
>> i'm going to quick change the subject. >> go ahead. >> really? >> no. >> you've got to really run. >> you've got to get some momentum. >> and i landed on his foot. one more time. >> push up. [ cheers and applause ] >> oh! >> they'll be in the catskills later this week. >> nobody puts ryan in the corner! >> good luck with the movie, guys. all right. mr. roker, if you can recover, how about a check of the weather? >> that's what's going on aro never been more jealous of al rocker in my life. we have a really nice day today. everybody is jealous of the
8:35 am
weather we've had over the last week. envy of the nation. things changed for the last couple of days. 95 degrees forecasted for a high today. 896 inland. warmer tomorrow. meanwhile, at coast, upper 70s. san francisco, it's as clear as a bell. over the city, we'll back off in temperatures. enjoy the brief warmup. that's your latest weather. >> can i tell you something? >> sure, you can. >> did you know that emma was once a 10-year-old in our crowd? >> her grandmother brought her by. >> you know, you may have a future like emma stone. anyway. >> you've come full circle, no question. when we come back, barbecue with a twist. first, this is "today" on nbc.
8:36 am
8:37 am
8:38 am
♪ this morning on "how to cook everything," steak barbecue with a korean twist. we've got mark of "new york times," the columnist and also the author of "how to cook everything" cookbook. mark, good morning to you. >> hi, ann. >> i love korean barbecue. i think it's something that most people have probably not discovered all across the country. and when they do, it's something they discover in a restaurant. but you say we can make this tasty morsel at home. >> it's pretty easy and essentially grilled steak. it doesn't go much beyond that. >> there are certain flavors. >> well, you can start with skirt steak, sirloin, short ribs and ribeye. and my favorite for this is ribeye. short is most traditional in korean restaurants. you cut it into strips. >> you can have the butcher do that. >> you can buy it that way, yes.
8:39 am
actually, it's a little easier to slice. so some scallions in here, soy sauce. we're making a marinade. >> i see some garlic. >> a lot of garlic. some sugar. because it tends to be a little sweet. >> a lot of black pepper. >> and sesame oil. a little sesame oil. >> there we go. >> we pray to the blender gods here. there we go. so you puree that. just get it liquid. >> you've got a really tasty garlicky soy saucy kind of flavor there. peppery, intense flavor. how long? >> we'll try not to spill this on your shoes. >> good because they're pink and i want to keep them that way. how long? >> could be half hour, two hours, overnight. >> is it better overnight? >> i would say an hour is fine. overnight, maybe a little built be bit better. >> after a while it starts to look like this. >> the juices come out, more liquid.
8:40 am
and you start -- you just start grilling which, obviously, we've done. >> okay. >> and then you get these really nice strips of beautifully browned meat. and what you do with them is you put them in lettuce leaves. >> okay. so you have a faux sense of healthy food here. >> but you're not using a ton of meat. >> i know, i know. it's about you eating a small amount. >> and then what we use for -- or what is often used for dipping sauce is some sort of special korean con conducticocn. but what we've done is a very interesting mixture of ketchup, soy sauce and chili. and you're welcome to taste that. or you're actually welcome if you want to try one of these. >> hey, that's good. >> but we'll move on. >> all right. okay. >> so when you eat this kind of stuff in a korean restaurant, you often have lots of very cool side dishes. so we've got a couple here.
8:41 am
one is -- it's good, right? >> mm-hmm. really good. just enough meat. very, very flavorful. a little bit of crunch. with the lettuce. >> yeah, the lettuce is great. it's like a taco but with lettuce as the shell. so this is just regular mayonnaise. we're going to thin it a bit with rice vinegar. this is kind of a korean potato salad. it's not that different. a couple kinds of potatoes here and some carrots and some peas. >> and they're all sort of blanched. >> it's better that way. i mean let's go this way. >> okay. so with the rice vinegar, not regular vinegar, and mayonnaise. toss it all together. >> do some scallions in here. >> pretty. pretty. it starts to end up looking like this pretty little dish here. >> a little chives on top. >> this is a side dish. in addition, you also have -- it looks to me like some roasted or grilled shallots. >> grilled scallions. >> scallions, i mean. >> they grill beautifully.
8:42 am
we're just dressing them with a little bit of chili and sesame seeds. >> mark bittman. we should have matt try this. >> we should have matt try this. >> he's a picky eater. much more coming up including the ten ways to be polite. one of them is not speaking with food in your mouth. this is "today" on nbc!
8:43 am
8:44 am
it used to be when you went out to dinner, women ordered first, men paid and you were required to wear a sport jacket. times have changed. tim zaga tfrkt is here with ten rules for dining-out etiquette. nice to see you. this is the first time you've done an etiquette survey, isn't it? >> absolutely. >> why did you decide this was the right time? >> we just decided in a world of using cell phones to make ord s orders, reservations online,
8:45 am
that it was about time we looked at the whole thing. >> let's get to the rules. the first one is about equality. are men and women treated differently in restaurants? what do the people in the survey say about this? >> well, they say they should be, obviously. >> should be treated equally. >> but they're not. 24% of surveyors say women are treated less well. so the restaurants sort of changed that. >> one of the reasons that has happened is an outdated idea that men pay the bill. that means men with going to do the tipping and the waiters and staff treat the men better. >> absolutely wrong. however, now we say that whoever starts -- whoever initiates the date should pay for it unless you agree in advance. >> that's right. so if i call you and i say tim, let's go have dinner, i'm expected to pay the bill because i arranged the dinner? >> that's right. >> okay. the next rule. who should order a meal first? you're sitting around the table. you've all got your menus. the waiter comes up. do women go first? >> that has always been that women go first.
8:46 am
but that's no favor to women. if you're trying to be chivalrous, whoever's ready should go first. >> because menus can be complicated. and you can buy your companion little time if you already know what you're going to order. >> in fact, most people like to go last. >> yeah, probably. okay. this one got people going. we're connected 24/7. you mentioned the cell phones and the blackberrys. what about using them at the dinner table in a restaurant? >> don't. two-thirds of people think it's rude. and 70% think you should turn off your ringer. >> wait a second. if i'm sitting at a table and you're late for dinner and i'm there alone, i can't text while i'm by myself at the table? >> you can do it if you're alone. but once you're sitting at a table with others, you shouldn't. >> what about turn off the ringer? i'm a parent. i've got three kids at home with the baby-sitter. >> turn the vibrator on. >> it's all about vibration. question for parents, is it okay to bring your kids? >> any restaurant not meant to be romantic or a very quiet
8:47 am
place, you can bring your kids. in fact, 38% say bring them from birth. and 38% more say from 5 years old. >> so as long as you're not going to disrupt the dining experience or the romantic experience of other people in the restaurant, it's okay to bring kids? >> unless the restaurant says no. and 60% of people say it's okay if the restaurant wants to say no. >> let's talk about attire. it seems these days fewer and fewer restaurants require a jacket, and even fewer still, a jacket and tie. what's the proper attire when dining ñ >> don't be a slob. that's proper. >> basically as simple as that. something neat that's appropriate. >> yes. and if you have somebody you want to impress and you think it's a businessperson or a romantic interest, you might want to depress up for that. >> by the way, if you wear a sport jacket to dinner and it gets warm or uncomfortable, you can put it on the back of your chair after you've arrived. we all lead busy lives. what about folks who simply don't show up for a dinner reservation? >> one of the worst things you can do is not to show up and not to call the restaurant.
8:48 am
you're causing them a lot of grief and a lot of expense. if you don't do it, you're likely to be persona non grata and not received in the future. >> call and cancel in a timely fashion. i like this next question. can you overstay your welcome at a restaurant? in other words, is there a ticking clock that gives you a limit? >> no ticking clock. you should be able to stay and feel comfortable eating your dessert and your cognac after. but if you see there's a line of people waiting, just remember, you may be on that line next time. >> yeah. >> try to be sensitive to other people being backed up. >> and real quickly, skipping to the very last one, is the customer always right? in my opinion the customer should be right. >> there are two rules for restaurants, the customer is always right. and number two is when the customer is wrong, just read rule one. >> the customer's always right. tim zagat, thanks very much. appreciate it. up next, a new workout craze
8:49 am
for an unlikely group of people. we'll tell you about that. but first, this is "today" on nbc. [ male announcer ] brace yourself for the big, bold taste of a subway® bbq pulled pork sub. tender, succulent slow-cooked pork with sweet and smoky barbecue sauce, all on freshly baked bread. subway. eat fresh®.
8:50 am
have you hashd heard of a thing called zumba? it's a dance craze sweeping the nation. it's not just young people enjoying it anymore. we have "today" national correspondent amy robach here.
8:51 am
>> that didn't sound right. you're a young person. >> the young people. >> all right. the young people. >> that's the story. >> all right. it is called zumba gold, gold as in the golden years for the 50-plus crowd. it's getting baby boomers to boogie across the country. ♪ >> reporter: there is music. >> yeah! >> reporter: dancing. laughing. even a little flirting. >> we come for the women. >> oh. stunning. >> reporter: you may have heard of zumba, a latin-based dance and fitness program, but this is zumba gold. from 50 all the way to 90-plus, it brings 80-year-old judy ro n rosendlum to class twice a week. >> i feel good. i feel like i'm doing something good for me. >> reporter: 92-year-old rachel has never missed a class. >> stimulating. it makes you move because if you don't use it, you're going to lose it. >> reporter: these women and men all say they don't feel an age
8:52 am
when they're on the dance floor. something that founder joy prouti keeps them all coming back. >> what's unique about the program is everyone can do it. we try to make you feel very safe. the biggest thing we say, come in and smile. move just a little. pace yourself. we even offer people to sit down in a chair. >> reporter: that's exactly what jeania burke does. she'll admit she's 90-plus, but -- how old do you feel when you're doing zumba gold? >> 60. >> reporter: i love it. it shares at least 30 years, right? >> exactly. >> they grew up dancing. they love to move. they love the rhythm. so they're exercising. they don't even know it. it's sort of exercise in disguise. >> reporter: exercise in disguise? that sounded too good to pass up. >> if she comes back tomorrow, i'm coming again. i'll tell you that much right now. >> reporter: so i jumped into class with a few moves from some new friends. >> have you figured out the moves? are you ready to join the class?
8:53 am
>> reporter: am i ready? >> yes! >> reporter: i ran off to look the part. and now it was time to feel the beat. and it was nonstop fun. ♪ where did you learn those moves? >> there's something magical about music and being able to move to it and feeling that there's no right and wrong. you have fun. you move. and there are so many benefits that are attached to that. >> reporter: even life-saving benefits. 72-year-old rose credits zumba gold with saving her life after triple bypass surgery. >> this has really helped me and has helped me afterwards to give me more energy. it made me lose weight. i'm more conscious of what i eat and what i do. >> reporter: something many seniors haven't felt excited about in years. it helps them enjoy a life where sitting around is not an option.
8:54 am
>> zumba! >> and after working out with all those golden girls and boys, it was incredible to see how fun and exercise can go hand in hand even well into your 90s. >> well done. well done. >> no, it was fine. we could even run it again if you want. it was just perfect. that's good. okay. >> i brought headbands for all of you. >> thank you. meantime -- >> meantime, it's a big day around here. the 20th of july. >> that's right. >> that also makes it jim bell's birthday, our executive producer, down in the control room right now in his fearless leader's seat is having a birthday. jim? >> thank you, matt. >> by the way, we've got a plate coming down for the rest of the people down there. >> zumba. >> happy birthday, buddy. many happy returns. >> thank you very much. >> one year closer to zumba gold.
8:55 am
>> or looking like howie. >> i don't know what's more fun, keep the camera on jim or go back to amy. >> let's do both. can we do a split screen? >> jim's the one who gets to make the final call, so i think it's going to be on amy. >> happy birthday, jim. >> amy, thanks very much. coming up, we'll have some answers to your money emergencies on today's "money 911." plus, the best beauty products at discount prices. >> it's all coming up after your local news and weather. >> one bite. >> come on, jim. yeah! yeah! hello parents, it's going to be a big school year.
8:56 am
your kids are going to climb rope. they're going to have a year long tug war with the ceiling. and by the time they get out of 8th grade, they're going to do it with sweat on their brow and achievement in their hearts. so, this is what they're gonna need: running shoes, t-shirts, tube socks, fruit cups, cheese sticks, energy bars, rope climbing gloves, rope burn ointment, and a jump drive. not sure what that is, but they're gonna be jumpin'. good morning. it's 8:56. i'm marla tellez. the reward has grown to $225,000 for anyone leading them to the attacker of brian stow.
8:57 am
the chief of police in l.a. says giovani ram rirez remains the mn suspect. mike's going thave an update on the fatal motorcycle accident in the south bay right after this. whoa!! the really big chicken sandwich combo is back! and it's as big as ever. i'm gonna jump it! you can't jump that! it's two chicken patties, topped with bacon, and melting cheese plus seasoned curly fries and a drink for only $3.99! what do you know? your only a baby! vrrrrooooom! i'm t-rex and i came out of extinction cuz i heard the combo was back! and that got a million hits? yep. why do we even make commercials anymore? 'cause you like to be in them.
8:58 am
8:58. we still have tremendous slowing in the south bay. live pick you ares of that investigation that continues to have two lanes closed southbound to 101. starting to clear the area right on schedule. we show the maps, though, and this will not clear up for at least 45 minutes. 101, 285 all jammed because of the accident at the southbound side. we're tracking an accident in
8:59 am
san francisco. sounds like a bicyclist may have been hit by a truck in san francisco. watch mission at free month for that. we'll continue to follow this accident as well as the one in the city. the "today" show is next.
9:00 am
we are back now with more of "today" on a wednesday morning, 20th day of july, 2011. jim bell day here on the "today" show. and in much of the country, as he celebrates his people. and these people celebrate i guess a little cooler temperatures. this afternoon here in new york city and then later in the week, we're talking temperatures in the upper 90s. >> that's right. heat indices well over 100. 32 states, the district of columbia under some form of heat advisory, warning, watch. 100 million americans affected by this heat. that's about two-thirds of the population of this country. >> and you watch the jet stream pretty closely. is there an end in sight here?
9:01 am
>> no, not really. it's stuck in this position. it's way up to the north. more in just a little bit. >> go to a movie, go into air conditioning. >> check on the elderly. >> don't leave any animals in the car. roll down windows. anything else? that's it. right, okay. >> water. >> the latest on the hacking scandal? >> that's right. today the prime minister appears before parliament to answer questions. on tuesday, as we've been reporting this morning, news corp. chief rupert murdoch denies any knowledge of wrongdoing by his tabloid, "news of the world," shortly before his testimony was interrupteded by a protester who tried to pie him in the face. as you see here, his wife, wendi, the latest on that coming up. >> and there was no truth to the rumor that it was the grandson of soupy sales. money 911."
9:02 am
the best refinancing options when it comes to student loans. and car loans. and speaking of money, you don't have to spend a fortune to look your best. we're going to check out some drugstore beauty secrets when it comes to your facial and beauty regime. >> cool. all right. >> a lot to get to. natalie's off today. savannah guthrie's over at the news desk with all the headlines. hi, savannah. >> good morning. in the news today, british prime minister david cameron is on the heat in the growing phone-hacking scandal in the uk, telling parliament it is his responsibility to, quote, clean up this mess. nbc's stephanie gosk has more for us. stephanie, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, savannah. cameron's been answering questions all morning. he says he now regrets hiring andy colson, former editor of "news of the world" as his spokesman. you know, for the last couple of hours, there's been a little drama here and there. but for the most part, not nearly as much drama as yesterday. like one of the celebrities that
9:03 am
fill his tabloids, rupert murdoch and his son, james, are making splash are ny headlines . the so-called humble pie attack. seated behind him, murdoch's wife, wendi, turned into a bodyguard, springing to his defense, wielding an instinctive and accurate punch. >> your wife has a good left hook. behind it, comedian johnny marbles. father and son sat side by side for three hours, apologizing over and over. >> this is the most humble day of my life. >> i would like to say as well just how sorry we are to particularly the victims of illegal voice mail interceptions. >> reporter: but at no point during the hearing did either murdoch accept responsibility for phone hacking at "news of the world." >> mr. murdoch, do you accept that ultimately you are responsible for that whole fiasco? >> no. >> you are not responsible?
9:04 am
>> the people that i trusted to run it and then maybe people they trusted. >> reporter: from the beginning, james took the lead. >> i think my son can best answer that in more detail. >> reporter: at times jumping in to help when his 80-year-old father searched or stumbled for the answers. >> mr. john chapman. >> reporter: the parliament committee had hoped to get answers to specific detailed questions about the phone hacking. but often the head of news corp. and his deputy chief operating officer either didn't know or weren't saying. >> i have -- i have no knowledge. >> i cannot -- i don't know. >> reporter: james defended executives who resigned from their positions last friday. both formerly led murdoch's british newspaper office. later in the day, brooks faced questions by herself from the same panel. she was arrested on sunday over allegations of phone hacking and payments to police for information. she, too, denies any wrongdoing or any knowledge of wrongdoing.
9:05 am
>> i have never paid a policeman myself. >> reporter: but for the murdochs, the day was not just about defending themselves. they were trying to salvage the reputation of news corp. >> "the news of the world" is less than 1% of our company. i employ 53,000 people around the world. >> reporter: in just two weeks, the second largest media company in the world has come under withering attacks. >> and it is our determination to both put things right, make sure these things don't happen again. >> reporter: it is widely believed that james wants the top job at news corp. himself. but for the moment, that position isn't open. >> mr. murdoch, have you considered resigning? >> no. >> why not? >> because i feel that people i trusted have let me down. i'm the best person to clean this up. >> reporter: the murdochs were asked specifically if there was any evidence that reporters from "news of the world" hacked the phones of 9/11 victims. rupert murdoch answered that question himself.
9:06 am
he said they haven't seen any evidence, savannah, that that happened. >> stephanie gosk in london, thank you. with less than two weeks to go before the debt ceiling deadline, the president is threatening to veto his plan that passed last night in the house. meantime, he called the budget framework suggested by six senators balanced and significant. there may be progress toward a blood test for alzheimer's disease. researchers say an experimental test apparently can show how much alzheimer's plaque lurks in the brain. today one official at a conference in paris said the results give hope that doctors may be able to use a blood test in the near future to screen for alzheimer's. more evidence why tourists and the rest of us love to watch mt. etna. for the sixth time this year, europe's most active volcano erupted tuesday, providing a spectacular sight. well, some 80,000 people are still living in shelters in japan more than four months after that devastating
9:07 am
earthquake and tsunami there. but now some of them are getting a new kind of help. cuddly comfort from robotic seals. they're said to understand basic words in five languages and react when they're spoken to or touched. said to be an emotional boost for survivors young and old. it is now 9:07. back to al with a check of the weather. >> thanks so much, savannah. as we show you what's going on with all this heat, it is just brutal and is going to continue. 32 states and the district of columbia under heat watches, warnings, advisories through saturday. that's unbelievable. plus, the other problem is, not just the heat, the humidity. why so humid? well, all that flooding in the spring of the missouri rivers and tributaries, that heat, that moisture from the flooding is being released into the atmosphere due to all the excess heat. and so we have these heat indices. these are afternoon highs. air temperatures. 97, minneapolis. atlanta, 95. same in d.c. 102 in little rock. 101 in kansas city.
9:08 am
you add the humidity to that, it feels like it's 115 in chicago for the afternoon high. same in minneapolis. 106 in little rock. it will feel like triple digits in philadelphia and washington, d.c. very dangerous. and it's going to continue for at least the next 72 howevers. th well, it's not going to be a siz letter but it's still on the warm side compared to where we ended up yesterday. take a look at the gorgeous shot. breathing in that good air quality, that is the case tomorrow. temperatures on the warm side. 94 degrees in places like concord and fairfield. 85 for santa rosa. 90 in san jose and 79 degrees in the city of san francisco. warmer tomorrow and then we fall back to the 80s on friday. ♪ somebody call 911 today's "money 911" is brought to you by charles schwab.
9:09 am
get the help your money deserves. talk to chuck. now "today's money 911" where we tackle your financial questions. this morning, advice on setting up 529 accounts for your kids, refinancing loans, among other things. jean chatzky is "today's" financial editor. david bach is the author of "debt free for life." and sharon epperson is cnbc's personal finance correspondent. good to see you guys again. >> good morning. >> on a hot day, let's get talking about cold cash. first we go to skype. megan from rocky river, ohio, is on the line. megan, good morning. and what's your question? >> good morning. my husband and i started contributing to two 529 accounts shortly after we got married. one for each of the children we expected to have. and we're listed as the beneficiaries. in 2009, we had a baby girl. and this year we were surprised but excited to have twin boys. so now we need to start saving for a third child's college account. we were wondering if it's
9:10 am
smarter to add an additional account or whether we should contribute to our existing accounts. and either way -- >> go ahead. >> either way we were wondering whether we should remain as beneficiaries or whether there are advantages to moving them to our children's names now that they're here. thanks. >> megan? >> you can be megan, and congratulations. that's just awesome. three kids. i hope you're getting some sleep. you do want a third account. and you want each of the accounts to have one of the children as the beneficiary, but you want to remain the owner of those accounts for tax reasons as well as the ability to move the money around. you need it for different children at the end of the road. then all you have to do is make sure that the money is invested aggressively when they're younger, more conservatively as they get older. most 529 plans offer these options so that you don't lose a bundle right before you have to pay college tuition. but you're on the right track.
9:11 am
and congrats. >> and she started so early. >> i know. >> way to go, megan. now let's get to the phone. we've got shannon calling in from steamboat springs, colorado. shannon, good morning. >> caller: good morning. >> and what's your question for the panel? >> caller: i have been working for a company for three years while getting my master's. i have $13,000 in my 401(k) and $20,000 in my student loans. i pulled the money out to help pay off student loans. i am 26 years old and will be starting a new career as a teacher. my interest rate on my loan is 6.5%. >> all right. david? >> first of all, congratulations. you're actually on the road to being a millionaire. i ran your numbers. you can go to you've got $14,000 in your 401(k) plan. if you just contribute about $10 a day, by the time you reach 65 at 8%, you'll have $1 million in your retirement account. so stay on track with the 401(k)
9:12 am
plan. and no, don't pull it out because you pull it out to pay for the student loans. you'll lose half of it to taxes. that will only leave you $7,000. and then you're losing your nest egg. pay that 6.5% loan down, a low rate, and you're in great shape. keep doing what you're doing. >> depending on where she's teaching, she may be able to get a loan forgiveness program. see if she would qualify as a teacher. >> best of luck, shannon. now we go to twitter. chrissy, what is the best way to go about refinancing my car? >> it's a pretty simple process. the first thing is find a lender who will give her a refinance loan. the best place is go to check out the lenders they have in her area. they'll also talk about the fees and conditions which can be hidden in the fine print. find the loan with the best rate. then they'll want to know some financial information about her. her income, her assets, debt load, credit history. and all of that information needs to see whether she'll be
9:13 am
approved for the loan. when she's approved and goes through the closing process, then this new lender will take over the loan, pay off the loan. and the car's title will be transferred to the new lender. after that process, she starts making her monthly payments to the new lender. pretty simple to do. >> it takes 15 minutes. people think refinancing a mortgage, oh, my god, it's a process. it is so not. and credit unions are great for these loans. >> back to the phone lines. pam on the line from garden grove, california. good morning, pam. what's your question? >> caller: good morning. my question is about my daughter's three personal unsecured loans she took out in 2001 while attending a private fashion school. she's been paying consistently on them but has tried on numerous occasions to lower the payments to consolidation. and the answer is always no. she is employed full time. she has no credit cards. she has a car payment. and is there anything available to consolidate personal, unsecured loans? >> jean? >> generally not so much.
9:14 am
you can look for a loan that's better and try to roll it into that, a home equity loan can be used for this process, but there's not a lot out there. just weigh in on the loan with the highest interest rate. >> hopefully she can cut that down. thank you so much. we appreciate it. for those of you on the east coast, good news, sharon's sticking around. she'll answer more of your questions on thank you for doing that. coming up, getting your money's worth on beauty products. we've got some secrets of the drugstore. but up next, is america breast obsessed? we'll have the male perspective right after this. but first, we'll just keep watching this video. bile app. it's schwab at your fingertips wherever, whenever you want. one log in lets you monitor all of your balances and transfer between accounts, so your money can move as fast as you do. check out your portfolio, track the market with live updates. and execute trades anywhere and anytime the inspiration hits you.
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zero fear of breakage, 100% more strength. no regrets, just health. i'm not giving up the heat. [ female announcer ] the breakage to strength system from pantene. ♪ my humps ♪ my humps my humps my humps back with our special series "breast obsessed in america." this morning "today" national correspondent amy robach has the male perspective. good morcning. >> often accused of speaking to a woman's chest rarn her face, men seem fixated when it comes to a woman's breasts. where does this obsession come from? i set out to find out inside the male moon. >> hooters.
9:18 am
>> boobs. >> knockers. >> reporter: regardless of what they may call them, men have a certain something for a certain part of the female anatomy. >> what is it about men and nudity, hmm? particularly breasts. >> actually, i can't think ha it is, really. >> reporter: more than half of men we polled consider themselves a so-called breast man. so what is it about a woman's chest that turns men into, well, boobs? >> it feels like a bag of sand when you're touching it. >> bag of sand? >> the fixation on breasts starts with this evolutionary theory which is that if a woman is curvier, it means she's more fertile. a lot of it has to do with men being visual creatures. and also this idea that it's something that's foreign to us. it becomes alluring. >> reporter: to get inside the male mind, i had to go to the belly of the beast. that's right, the ultimate man cave. >> hi, welcome to hooters. >> reporter: here at hooters, breasts are big business. the company averages about $1
9:19 am
billion in sales annually. and it's no secret the reason many men come here is customer service. >> my wife asks me, it's duane. >> reporter: how would you describe a typical hooters girl? >> attractiveness. >> attractiveness? >> did i do that? >> reporter: with hooters leading the way, the restaurant industry is booming. new franchises like the tilted kilt and twin peaks are offering up good food with a side of sex appeal. safe to say men here can get a little distracted. >> i had one guy walk into a table looking at a girl. >> you. >> i'm taken. >> i have to ask you, when a man comes in, he's talking to you, do you ever see his eyes go right there? >> all the time. i just kind of go, here. >> reporter: the eyes may be the window to the soul, but in terms of getting a man's attention, a woman's chest is front and center.
9:20 am
when it comes to that first glance, studies show that 47% of men focus on a woman's breasts. 33% of men's so-called first fixations are on the waist and hips. fewer than 20% look first at a woman's face. our cameras caught men struggling to keep their eyes north of the equator. ♪ and apparently some men have a system. >> when she's bending down, you go down. >> reporter: but whether they get away with it or not -- >> are we obsessed with breasts? absolutely. >> reporter: many men have a dd-sized fixation with a woman's chest. will you be back? >> yeah, definitely. >> sure, to watch sports. >> reporter: right.
9:21 am
>> they were all very good sports about it. the waitresses at the tilted kilt told me that one of the most common questions they get is, are they real? people actually ask them that, savannah. >> i bet they love that. >> not the best way to get on your server's good side. >> all right, amy. good of you to show us that video of boobs. i'm sure people appreciated that. thanks for busting the story wide open. coming up, saving money on the best beauty products. we're spilling secrets of the drugstore. and where is casey? we'll have the latest on her whereabouts right after these messages. whoa.
9:22 am
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[ female announcer ] thinking mexican tonight? hamburger helper has five festive flavors like crunchy taco. hamburger helper. one pound. one pan. one happy family. good morning. it's 9:26. i'm marla tellez. this morning rescuers are searching rivers and cliffs in yosemite to find a husband and wife and maybe one of their children who slipped into a water fall plunging more than 300 feet on to the rocks below. rangers still don't know how many hikers may have been swept over the falls or how it could have happened in the first place. witnesses tell one of our sister stations they saw a man and women climb over the safety rail and then called for their kids to join them. campers say they saw three people fall into that river. >> when they fell, i actually
9:27 am
saw a head pop out and then go back in. it was just -- i was shocked. i mean, to see people fall from that high. >> the trail that leads to the water fall is shut down to visitors today while resrch. >> >ntueheir srch. >> christina is going to have a look at your forecast and mike is going to check the roads right after this.
9:28 am
good morning to you. your current temperature contour map really tells the story this morning. what little cloud cover we had is pushing back into the pacific. 56 degrees already. in san francisco, you're at 71. concord, 75 degrees in fairfield. kind of toasty later on today by noon in the city and 68 degrees. you'll round out the day in san francisco. this is the place to be. 79 degrees. we'll check the drive with mike. another deadly accident, this one in san francisco. mission street at fremont
9:29 am
street, a bicyclist was hit by a truck 45 minutes ago and now we have a big impact on mission street itself off the central freeway and the skyway. looking at a slower drive in the east bay. no surprise besides the 880 freeway. it continues past the coliseum. south bay, we have better news for the freeway. highway 101, all lanes opened. very slow from 85 up past the scene at santa clara. it really shook up the commute. marla, back to you. >> okay, thanks, mike. for the latest traffic and news updates, find us on facebook at nbc bay area morning news. we'll be back at 9:56.
9:30 am
♪ i see you driving around town with the girl i love ♪ ♪ and i'm like forget you ♪ i guess the change in my pocket wasn't enough ♪ ♪ i'm like forget you you can't help but dance to his music. superstar cee lo green, born thomas decarlo calloway. from atlanta, he's going to be here to show off his style friday on "today." then the following friday, classic rock -- uh-oh, savannah's excited -- >> i'm swooning. >> journey hitting the stage. so make sure you stop on by.
9:31 am
♪ so now i come to you ♪ with open arms >> i'm sorry, are we on tv? >> yes, we are. >> i thought i was in high school again. singing in my mirror. anyway, you can help pick the set list for journey's concert. we have three hit songs to choose from. they're going to play one on the show. text 1 for "separate whays." 2 for "faithfully" or 3 for "lights." text your choice to 622639. message and data rates apply. or vote at and be sure to tune in next friday to see which song one. i'm all flustered about journey. >> yeah, my song is smucker's. >> that's good, too. different kind of jam. coming up this half hour, casey anthony has managed to dodge the cameras since her release from jail, but was she spotted back in orlando? the latest on her whereabouts and new questions about the
9:32 am
case. then secrets of the drugstore to help you look like a million bucks without having to spend that much. we're going to show you some of the best beauty items you can pick up at a corner store and they work just as well as all that expensive stuff. if you think this summer you've got to pass on dessert to stay slimmer, that was a smooth move. we're going to show you two popular dessert recipes, lemon squares and strawberry shortcake, low in calories but high on flavor. first how about a check of the weather. speaking of summer, we're really getting it. >> man, we are getting slammed and it's going to continue as we check out the day today. a risk of strong storms in the northern plains. make that the northern mississippi river valley. record highs through two-thirds of the country possible. showers in the pacific northwest. for tomorrow, that risk of stor storms moves into the central mississippi river valley. sizzling conditions continue throughout much of the u.s. showers in the pacific northwest with a slight risk of strong good morning to you.
9:33 am
well, if you're waking up with us in the city of san francisco, you know this is the clearest start we've had in the city for over a week. a beautiful day today in san francisco and oakland. another one for you tomorrow. a little bit hot inland. 93 degrees in livermore. 94 for fairfield. down in the south bay valleys, toasty as well. 92 in gilroy and 90 in san jose. wasn't last long. down to the 80s once again friday through the weekend. next week, looking much hotter. and that's your latest weather. >> all right, al, thank you. coming up next, casey anthony. where is she? anw t qnsab tsoupr mth about the prosecution's case. that's right after this. minimizes the look of wrinkles... hydrates... renews... seems like an amazing moisturizer? actually... it's an amazing makeup. introducing revlon age defying with dna advantage. its powerful skincare ingredients and spf 20 help protect skin's dna. 96% of women saw flawless, younger-looking skin in just 2 weeks.
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9:36 am
casey anthony was released
9:37 am
from jail early suchbd monday m and has not been seen publicly since. the speculation about where she's been hasn't slowed down. kerry sanders has been tracking her movements. he's in prescott, arizona, this morning. >> reporter: good morning, al. flight records show the plane owned by one of casey anthony's former attorneys left orlando shortly after she was released from jail on sunday. it left florida headed for california. but it made a stop here in tiny prescott, arizona. the ground crews tell nbc news it seems a little odd to them that the plane would make a stop here in the out-of-the-way location because the pilot did not refuel. it was simply on the ground long enough to let someone get off. >> breaking news. is this casey anthony? that is the question. >> reporter: the hunt to find casey anthony took a comical turn on tuesday. >> people are speculating that yes, that is casey anthony. >> reporter: a circus of news cameras rushed to orlando's executive airport.
9:38 am
after a tip the plane belonging to casey anthony's former attorney had landed again with her on board. >> breaking news in the casey anthony story. >> reporter: on twitter, "the orlando sentinel" tweeted, i guess this answers everyone's question, casey anthony is back home in orlando. but it would turn out the woman was not casey. reportedly it was all a joke. played on reporters by the plane's crew. >> we the jury find the defendant not guilty. >> reporter: even after the verdict, the two sides are still fighting. on tuesday the prosecution denied accusations that it withheld evidence from the defense about searches for chloroform done on the anthonys' home computer. >> how many times was that site visited? >> according to the history, 84 times. >> reporter: computer programmer jon bradley's software revealed the damning evidence. but after he testified, bradley tells nbc news he checked the results and discovered a software glitch. there was but one search for
9:39 am
chloroform, not 84. defense attorney jose baez tells nbc news prosecutors never told him when they found that out, as required by law. but in a statement issued tuesday, the orange county state attorney's office said all of this information was disclosed to the defense in a timely manner. former federal prosecutor kendall coffey. >> prosecutors want to win, but they have to do it the right way. and that means a duty to turn over evidence that's helpful to the defense even if that causes the prosecutor to lose the trial. >> reporter: as both sides continue to spar outside the courthouse, we do not know where casey anthony is. it's possible she may have gotten off the plane here and is at one of the nearby mental treatment facilities getting the counseling her lawyers say she needs as a result of being held inside a jail all alone in a single cell for more than three years, or she may be in california at the beach.
9:40 am
al, we simply do not know, and her lawyers say they want to keep it that way, a secret. >> well, kerry, for your sake, we hope we maybe spot her in paris. >> reporter: yes. i would go there. i will go there. thank you very much. >> i know you will, kerry. >> reporter: i don't know whether this plane can get me there. can this plane get me there? >> kerry sanders, thanks so much. drugstore beauty products that are chic and cheap right after these messages. dry and u. i can't wait to take 'em out, throw 'em away and never see them again. [ male announcer ] know the feeling? get the contacts you've got to see to believe. acuvue® oasys brand contact lenses with hydraclear® plus technology, keeping your eyes exceptionally comfortable all day long. it feels like it disappeared on my eye. [ male announcer ] discover why it's the brand eye doctors trust most for comfort. if you have astigmatism, there's an acuvue® oasys lens for that too, realigning naturally with every blink. ask your doctor for acuvue® oasys brand.
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9:43 am
♪ i'm going to be a beauty well, this morning on "today's beauty," the best drugstore buys. linda wells says a higher price does not always mean higher quality. and she's here with her favorite beauty picks from the drugstore. linda, good morning. >> good morning. >> i love this segment because it used to be the drugstore, you didn't think you were getting the best or the fanciest stuff, but now you can really get some good products. >> they've really stepped it up. it's true across the board. the companies that make products for the drugstore are spending millions in research and development. already the ingredients are better. the drugstores themselves are better. the lighting's better. they have more products. >> the packaging is cuter. >> yeah, we need that. and also, some of them even have beauty advisers to help you pick products and things. and then what you wouldn't think would improve is the generic drugstore products. now those are good because chemists are copying the high-end products unless they're trademarked and patented. and they're putting all those
9:44 am
ingredients in great products. you can get great stuff. >> well, let's talk about foundation. this can get so expensive at the department stores. but the tough part is the drugstore is that you can't try it on and get your right color. >> right. >> what do you suggest? >> that's the hardest thing because they're packaged so tightly and shrink wrapped and you can't try them on. usually they don't have testers so you're stuck. you can bring in and try to match it or look for a shade range. that way if you're slightly off, you'll get a better quality. may maybelline is great. assuming your wrist is the same color as your face. but when in doubt, go for one that's a slightly darker color because it will warm up your skin. >> let's talk about eyeliner. this is fascinating. you say look for germany, if it's made in germany? >> right, which is something people don't know. there are two factories in germany that make the pencils for very high-end and drugstore
9:45 am
products. quality is amazing. so if you look and see if it's made in germany, you know you're in good shape. >> because you think it's probably at one of those nice factories. >> exactly. so this one is cover girl liquiline pencil. and it goes on smoothly which you want. you don't want to be tugging at you're eye. i your eye. >> l'oreal. >> l'oreal makes tried-and-true mascara. buying at a drugstore, you want to be able to throw away your mascara often. try to decide if you want waterproof or nonwaterproof. i don't think you need waterproof unless you plan on having a crying jag. >> you never know. crying tears of joy. >> right, tears of joy. so l'oreal voluminous million mascara is a great one. >> one of a couple anti-aging products. you say olay. >> they've put so much money in research and development. this microsculpting cream has
9:46 am
great ingredients. whether it comes to anti-aging, look for retinol. so neutrogena has this rapid wrinkle repair. it's high retinol. they say that it starts to work in a week. >> as for olay, they have a whole range of these anti-aging products. you think you're in good shape with any of these? >> they're all really good. they have so many. you can get orienteded by going to that department and finding the areas that you need most. >> next we have a couple of facial masks. the price is right here. $1.99-are you kidding me? >> yeah, we love $1.99. these are great because they're freeman facial masks. you can get them for whatever issue you have, acne or calming or exfoliating. and they're so small you can just throw them in your bag and they're great for travel. >> is it one use? >> yeah, one use. you know, you can squeeze it out, but it's kind of messy, but go ahead. >> you haven't seen my shower, obviously. let's talk about shampoo. it's so overwhelming. there are all these different varieties. a lot of the drugstores have a
9:47 am
huge variety between the expensive and the not so expensive. is there a real difference between these high-end and low-end? >> you don't have to spend a lot of money on shampoo or conditioner or even styling products because the ingredients themselves are inexpensive. if you want to and you love the whole luxury of packaging and smell, go ahead and spend it. but really you're going to get clean hair from really inexpensive products. garnier fructis smell s good, cleans, doesn't strip your hair. then when you go to styling products, they're so inexpensive. john freda has a great line. >> when you talk about the cheaper shampoos, if people have highlights or color in their hair, should they worry about that? do they have to find one that's color safe? >> look for one that's color safe, but there's so many good ones. garnier, l'oreal has really good color-safe ones. pantene. just make sure you find a brand that's going to be protecting of your color. and find the one that deals with the issues that you think is most important for your hair.
9:48 am
>> all right, linda wells from "allu "allure." great to see you, as always. appreciate it. coming up next, having your cake and eating it, too, without the guilt. but first, this is "today" on nbc.
9:49 am
9:50 am
♪ oh sugar ♪ oh honey honey this morning in "today's kitchen," summer's dessert makeovers that are as easy as 1, 2, 3. >> chris kimball, editor of "cook's country" magazine is here with two lighter versions of two decadent treats. good to see you. >> what's wrong with decadent treat? >> nothing wrong with it, but you are going to help us squeeze a little bit out. >> here's the problem. the reason low-calorie desserts are low calorie is they taste so awful. you throw them out and don't eat them. and that's how you lose weight. >> but you're going to show us -- >> we want to actually taste it. >> a lot of people might think strawberry shortcake, that's got to be healthy. >> almost 700 calories.
9:51 am
with whipped cream. >> what's short about that? so how do we change it up? this is just a biscuit dough. flour, et cetera. now we have, instead of full-fat sour cream, we have some lowfat or nonfat greek yogurt, some skim milk. but this is a little trick. we took half as much butter. half a stick. by the way, we use butter. >> thank you. >> we put it in here. we've melted it. and when you stir this in a little bit, what's going to happen is you get little globules of that butter on top. when you put that into the dough and make it in the oven, they turn to steam. and you get a much lighter texture. the problem with lowfat is it's dense and gummy. >> you get the essence of the butter. >> the flavor of the butter. >> you don't taste that yogurty taste? >> you don't like yogurt, what? >> no, i like it. this isn't going well. >> greek yogurt. >> okay, okay. then what do we do? >> roll it out. you want to knead it a little bit. this is a lowfat.
9:52 am
knead it, bake it for 12 to 12 minutes. there you go. >> those look great. >> so now you have a biscuit. now, we took two cups and mashed them up. another four we sliced. we used a little less sugar. the problem is you just taste sugar. >> right. >> nothing wrong with sugar. >> it's called strawberry shortcake. >> how do you do that? >> take a little sugar, you mash them up and let them sit. >> i thought it was a good question. >> no, it was. >> the audience isn't sure it was. >> don't be offensive. >> no, it was a good question, really. it was fine. >> at 52 minutes past the hour, we lost him. >> that was great. >> why don't you try it? >> see if you like that. >> if i eat, i can't talk, apparently. all right. let's move on to our next dish. >> savannah's tasting.
9:53 am
you can come back with us. >> you can join us here. >> lemon squares. >> i can't multitask. >> finish this by yourself, this whole segment. >> go ahead, al. >> so we have a basic -- this is a cookie dough for lemon squares. some of these recipes use quite a lot of butter. we cut that back. a little milk. a little lemon zest. >> this does not taste like greek yogurt. >> it tastes >> despite the greeks who are storming the "today" show. like what do you mean? this we pulse to make a dough. this gets mashed down by your hand. it cooks for about 25 minutes. >> so you bake it. >> bake it, cool it and then put the filling in. this has a little less fat, a little less sugar, reduced the sugar a bit and we used a little flour to thicken it. put it back in the oven another 25 minutes, finish, and you have -- >> lemon squares. >> -- lemon squares. a lot of these recipes are tiny squares. >> one of my all-time favorites,
9:54 am
pineapple upside down cake. >> we use frozen pineapple because it's actually sweeter and more consistent. the other squet is we use brown sugar which has a lot of flavor and it's also moist to get rid of the high-fat sour cream. so there you go. >> rule of thumb for other recipes, you can swap out yogurt, my favorite ingredients? >> greek yogurt is always great. almost always you can cut down the sugar and cut the butter in half. >> as long as you use butter -- >> if you take all the butter out, you throw it away, you lose 100 pounds a year. you're all set. >> but you're not happy. >> but you're not happy. that's right. >> we don't like that. >> great recipes, the lemon squares, strawberry shortcake and pineapple upside down cake. >> i'm buying you greek yogurt for your birthday. >> better yet, get her a greek and he can make her yogurt. fashion for those warm summer nights after your local news and weather. hi parents, it's going to be such a big school year.
9:55 am
9:56 am
your kids will each take care of our class hamsters, lewis & clark. then i'll tell them the story of pluto, the sad little planet that was. i'll introduce them to some new friends, the fractions, and some cold blooded ones, the dinosaurs. [sfx: dinosaur growl] clark! anyway, here's what they'll need: markers, scissors, crayons, pencils, folders, juice boxes, pretzel sticks, glue sticks, tape that sticks, and glitter. so much glitter. good morning. it's 9:56 and i'm marla tellez. this morning, deputies in marin county are mourning the death of
9:57 am
one of their own killed by a parolee not in the line of duty but while helping a friend. deputy jim mathison was on duty when he went to a friend to give her advice about how to deal with her ex-boyfriend. parolee arrived at the home around the same time as mathison. hollow ran shot him twice, killing him, and then took his ex-girlfriend's mother hostage. the young woman's brother grabbed a gun and shot him. >> the only thing that's a positive out of this is jim did what he needed to do to give the family time to defend themselves. >> deputy mathison leaves behind a wife and two kids. meteorologist christina loren is checking the forecast. here's a look. >> good morning. if you're waking up along the peninsula, city of san francisco, gorgeous weather today, just perfect. 79 degrees for the forecast high. you're on the way to the mid-90s
9:58 am
in places like fairfield, livermore, and concord. san jose, 90 for you. great beach day with very, very little low cloud cover. a little bit of that in santa cruz but san francisco is entirely clear, even over the bridges a the this point. 86 degrees by friday. a really, really comfortable weekend. temps stay below seasonal averages. monday into tuesday, we start to skyrocket. let's check the forecast with mike. highway 85 in the northbound direction, still drags from highway 87, coming through downtown, and all the way up to basically cupertino. folks trying to get away from the backup that we call 101. very slow from the capital expressway from the deadly scene there. it has cleared, the roadway has cleared. in san francisco, still following the closure and slow getting into the city. marla? >> thanks, mike. for the latest traffic and news updates, check us out on
9:59 am
facebook, nbc bay area morning news. we'll be back for our final update at 10:26. rnbc-universal television
10:00 am
>> from nbc news, this is "today" with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb. live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> hey, everybody. we're so glad you're with us for this wines day wednesday, july 20th. wines days are always special, but today is an extra special wines day. >> for two reasons. >> okay. >> number one, it is the birth dave our fearless leader. >> sherpa, i like to call him. >> jim bell! >> a glass for cody, a glass for me and a glass for you. we love you, bud. >> why do you have two?
10:01 am
>> we love you. >> happy birthday, jim! >> he's the most amazing guys in the world. i've had a lot of bosses in my life. i don't know how he does it every day except i think her name is angelique. >> angelique. the guys who are running really great leaders. sometimes you have a boss that's not a loeder. >> he feels like he's your friend, too. >> now we're kissing up. >> you think i'm here because i love you, hoda? >> do i! >> yes, do i. >> how's the book coming? >> you've been on a tour. >> we'll be on joy behar tonight and just some other stuff. it's been fun. it's been really fun. >> okay. good. i believe you. all right. there's another important thing that's going right now and we need to get it over with right now. >> please! >> it is from today on soma intimates is helping to boost awareness for the need for bras for women who are homeless. >> it's called shed your bra.
10:02 am
>> if you're watching us. in solidarity. let's do it, women! >> here they are! >> apparently, they're one of the needed things and rarely donated. if you have gently-used bras. >> not the kind in your drawer. >> go to or your local soma store for more information. >> thank you! >> jimmy fallon was having fun last night. he always does. >> jimmy fallon does a slow jam rap with brian williams and he did one with justin timberlake that sort of goes over the whole history of respect. >> five and a half minutes or so and we'll show you a piece of it. ♪ clap your hands everybody, if you've got what it takes ♪ ♪ i'm curtis blow, and i want you to know that these are the breaks ♪ ♪ i want to rock right now ♪ i'm rob bass and i'm internationally known ♪ ♪ come and give me a kiss, better make it fast or else i'm going
10:03 am
to get pissed ♪ ♪ push it ♪ push it good ♪ push it real good ♪ it's getting hot in here ♪ so take off your clothes ♪ i'm getting so hot i want to take my clothes off ♪ ♪ go shorty, it's your birthday ♪ ♪ we're going to party like it's your birthday ♪ ♪ my baby don't mess around because she loves me so and this i know for sure ♪ ♪ you, you got what i need ♪ but you say he's just a friend, but you say he's just a friend ♪ ♪ oh, baby you >> i'm justin ♪ ♪ i'm jimmy and we want you to know that these are the breaks ♪ >> you know every one of those songs! >> that's my favorite clip we've ever had. >> that was great! >> we knew justin timberlake
10:04 am
could do everything, but jimmy can do everything, too. >> that was the best thing ever. i want to rerack and watch the whole thing. i don't want it edited. >> it's good. >> oh, my god, i loved that and it put me in the best mood. >> i love how 42-year-old wendi murdoch went to battle for her -- >> if you watched the british parliament. we want you to see this again. look at wendi in pink with the body slam at the face of the -- boom. >> she's a volley ballplayer and it's just instinct. go girl! >> the instinct is to protect hubby. >> the son is sitting there and he got up after, calmly, but wendi went in for the spike! >> she's 6 feet tall and she spiked that. >> everyone needs a wendi in their life just because you want them to protect you. >> he was having fun with them
10:05 am
as he tends to do. let's listen. >> i am not a big proponent of the four-decade marriage age gap, but if ever there was a situation where it would pay dividends it would be an ambush like that. >> so true. one time frank and i were walking to dinner on east 57th street and you encounter some strange people anywhere you go, but especially in new york. we were with another couple and the wife was quite pregnant. you know if you move to one side of the road if you see someone that's just a little -- >> off. >> frank and i moved past and frank gently moved the lady over and the guy moved over to that side, too. frank took the guy and moved him over. a melee began. a melee, and frank and the guy were on the ground -- it's not that funny, joe.
10:06 am
you -- you've been injured yourself so you know how these things can be. >> what happened? >> i'm standing there screaming. i'm screaming so i go -- and i go to kick the guy and my leg went so high, i fell flat on my butt. so when i saw -- excuse me, there are a couple of bras down here. when i saw that, you know, that he was in trouble, mama to the rescue! >> at one point i thought i would pick a president that way. if there were three guys at a podium in the candidates, and an 80-year-old woman were to fall, who is the first one off the podium and i don't like people that hesitate, i like people that went in like wendi murdoch. >> one day you're walking down the street to get some lamb chops and next thing you know,
10:07 am
boom, boom, boom. i'll help you, frank! apparently not, but he was impressed that i tried. >> if your kidsor facebook, here's a question. >> most of them are. >> do you spy on them on facebook? they have to friend you for you to go on their page and see all their business. do most parents think it's a good idea to checkup on their kids' status? they wanted to see who they were hanging with and what pictures they were taking and that kind of stuff. >> it's very important ton your own child. it's the parents that police call in the middle of the night and you say our kid? little johnny? >> kids think you're spying on them. don't look at my secret, private business. >> the diary thing. if they a key on it, that's private, but facebook, everybody else gets to see it. why shouldn't a parents? >> would you go on your friend or anybody else? >> what if he doesn't let you
10:08 am
in? >> then i'll get christine to look. she's friends with everybody. you know what i mean, david. >> you know what's going on with the kids and you'll find out too late what's going on with them and heaven forbid you can't help them, you know? >> you're right. ryan's with us. he's just visiting. i met his mom in the gym and he came to see us and i know his facebook page is clean as a whistle. >> not him in a thong. >> no. >> zagat or zagat, depending on if you know how to pronounce it, which we don't. they have etiquette rules and one of them is who pays for dinner? you're out to dinner with someone whether it's a friend or whatever, and zagat zagat, and what you do is whoever invited picks up the tab. >> i tried to do that yesterday because i invited eva to lunch and she'd been at our house all weekend long and i spent big bucks on her. and she said no, no, no.
10:09 am
you had me all weekend. >> and sometimes friends say you want to grab a bite, it doesn't mean hey, i'm treating you to dinner and you don't pay. >> you owe me for separate lunches. who orders first? >> sometimes guys jump in. >> sometimes you have to look for 15 minutes for everything to decide what you're in the mood for. >> guys do that, too. i'm sorry. i dated a guy and we were at a diner. >> there's a problem right there. >> so, anyway, he was looking and we're at a diern like eggs and grilled cheese and stuff. he says to the waitress. what do you recommend? >> we're at a diner. hamburger, chicken. sometimes people are not great decisionmakers. >> you did not like this guy and you wouldn't have been so picky about him. he's so nice.
10:10 am
>> it drives you crazy. there are so many things to choose from. just pick the guacamole. >> the meat loaf! >> this is a good one. you heard of the tea called honest tea. so they wanted to find out how honest people actually were. so this is what they did. they were giving away free tea. ♪ ♪ >> yes, honest-y. >> and they put a bin and you were supposed to take a free honest tea. and they went in city to city with secret cameras and they found out who was the most honest city and the most honest city they found was chicago. 99% of the people paid and that was followed by boston, seattle and dallas tied for second and the rest of the list, atlanta. >> cincinnati. >> san francisco. >> mime, washington, d.c., l.a. >> and guess who came in last?
10:11 am
new york city. >> new york city. >> maybe people didn't read the sign, you know what i'm saying? >> yeah, i know what you're saying, but i don't think that's the case. >> okay. anyway. hi, sarah. >> what are you saying? >> maybe somebody stole the sign. >> one of the hoda books. >> we have some terrific authors coming on the show today. >> yes. >> a friend of mine, in full disclosure, amanda goldberg and her friend have written a fun, fun, fun summer read, hoda. >> i did have a chance to page through it. >> it is a lot of fun. >> first, we'll give away some hold as. >> we'll give away signed copies of hodas book. all time zones are included and put your favorite hodaism. just saying. >> and you're going to pick? >> we're going to pick five and they'll be signed and it will be great. >> oh, thank you, sarah. >> freebies! everyone loves a freebie!
10:12 am
>> would you test -- would you, i guess, peek into their on. >> we want to -- want you spy on your kids on their facebook? >> of course they would! >> up next, if you friended -- if i friended you on facebook, kathie lee. >> yes? >> i'm not on facebook. >> it was a dumb tease. >> if i knew how to i would, but how do you handle when people don't and what happens when you see more than you need to see? >> we have a lot of stuff coming up after this. >> we'll be right back. so digiorno comes with boneless wings now?
10:13 am
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10:15 am
all right. we have to face it. social networking has become a game changer when it comes to staying connected no matter what your age and if you're one of the 100 million americans on facebook or you spend your days tweeting, there are social etiquette rules that you should be aware of. >> yes "family circle" mragazin took a look at social etiquette of their readers. jeffrey guardier is the
10:16 am
psychologist. >> back again by public demand. >> what did we find out about the habits of people? >> this is surprising, but there are more facebook yierzs between the ages of 35 to 54 than there are 18 to 34. >> what do you make of that? >> they are embracing this technology, but since they haven't grown up being socially public like the teens and 20 somethings they tend to make more mistakes. >> sometimes you're perceived on facebook as a blabber mouth and you put your business and some are seen as stingy with their info, too. >> they don't know that the stuff that's going out there is going a wall and everyone is reading it and they don't have time to respond to anything and i think people take this so serious that if you do make a mistake a little too much or not enough that people stipes crucify you for that. >> here's a problem. here's one. you have connected with your high school prom date and you've been bantering back and forth from everything from your mullet and your husband sees your post and to put it mildly, he's not
10:17 am
amused. what should you do? >> most women that look for old boifrs it's out of curiosity. you want to see how he's holding up, if he got mared and if he has kids. >> it's just curiosity. >> sometimes. >> yeah. if it gets to be a little too often or, you know, if your spouse knows this is, you know, an old flame that you still have feelings for. >> why would you facebook an old flame? >> again. i agree with you it is out of curiosity and maybe you don't have enough to do. i think you need to refocus your energy on to what your relationship is and whether there are no sexual feelings or whatever the situation may be, if your hubby says i don't like that, guess what? get the hell out of it and just stay away from it. >> yeah. it is playing with fire, isn't it? >> absolutely. >> here's an interesting one. this is when the comment gets taken out of context. >> feelings. >> a woman posted on her friend's page that her son's bar mitzvah was the first one that hadn't given her a migraine and
10:18 am
the loveliest she had attended all year. >> the people that read it were ticked and they wrote, who do you think you are. >> this is something of someone that hadn't read the tools on facebook. she posted a public message on the wall. >> or she did it and just didn't think it through. >> she didn't think it through. >> i think that's also the answer that you just say, look, i didn't think it through and i was trying to pay a coverage limit. >> you go back and post another thing. >> i should say apologies to all. i was trying to be nice and trying to express my feelings. less is more. if someone will be pissed off with you for something like that on. >> hey, watch your language! >> sorry. p.o..ed. >> then just leave it alone. >> a few months after being friended by your 16-year-old niece your appalled that she has posted photos of herself in a
10:19 am
teeny, black leather bikini. >> the fact it's leather is the problem. >> should you tell your sister. >> if your niece friended you, you should keep the trust and bond. you should say there are consequences down the road. a college counselor could see the picture, a boss could see these pictures and get her to take them down. it can be copied, pasted and sent out. >> it's out there forever. >> she might do it again, but give her alternative strategies such as something in a nice dress or something that shows you being demure or what have you, but just don't put her down and say what you did was really stupid. she'll do it again. >> if she does do it again, then you should tell your sister. >> absolutely. >> thanks, guys. up next, need aug who doesn't? we have the photos that will make you say, what? >> you're supposed to join me. i did.
10:20 am
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♪ ♪ wow! we're back with one of our favorite segments called "what the what." it's the time when sarah sifts through the photos you sent us. >> our first was sent by seattle, washington. i wonder what this guy does for
10:23 am
a living. >> oh, my gosh! >> i love that. >> that is hysterical. >> this is men everywhere. this is all i see. >> i like how the shirt matches the paint job. >> i like his smile. >> our next photo was sent by tiffany howard from camilla, georgia. sounds delicious? >> bad byron's butt rub. >> you've always said that, a little butt rub does make everything better. >> i had no idea, hoda. oh, my goodness. the next one is from patricia miller from bristol, connecticut. i know we're in a recession, but seriously, is this something you want to skip on? come on now. >> some things you have to spend money on. >> that's when you probably want to splurge. times are bad, but not that bad. tammy alford from palm beach gardens, florida. what happened to getting cookie and a juice afterward. >> a free bucket of fish with
10:24 am
blood donation. >> we get a little blood and you get some chicken. awesome. dan logan from lakeland, florida submitted this photo. better you than me. >> is that a dump? what is that? >> they do septic tanks. >> we want your stinkin' business. >> that's brilliant! >> we don't want everybody to just forget that they can be on here, too. >> klg and >> it's about celebrity parents and what to wear on a warm summer night when you're feeling flirty and fun. >> oh, my gosh. >> why is he part of that? av sunglasses and other summer gadgets. what is he -- he's freaking me out. . renews... seems like an amazing moisturizer? . renews... actually... it's an amazing makeup. introducing revlon age defying with dna advantage. its powerful skincare ingredients and spf 20 help protect skin's dna.
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10:26 am
good morning. it's 10:26. i'm marla tellez. two people are behind bars in connection with a burned body dumped in an up scale oakland neighborhood. police are not naming the suspects but they were arrested yesterday in east oakland. police found the burning body of 21-year-old monica on thursday morning in the rock ridge neighborhood. a funeral is set for friday at st. elizabeth church in oakland. a new study knows that half
10:27 am
a million people living in the bay area are here illegally. that's 8% of the bay area total population. 180,000 illegal immigrants live in santa clara county. 124,000 in alameda county and 79,000 in contra costa county. these are just estimates. this study was drew from the number of californians
10:28 am
10:29 am
10 to 15 degrees warmer than this time yesterday. 73 in novato. 71 in san francisco. on your way to 79 degrees later on today. meanwhile, mid-90s, a little on the hot side. may need to turn on the ac in the east bay valleys. a shout out to one of our viewers, 75 years old. as we head through the next couple of days, we're going to stay warm and then low 80s by sunday. we'll check the forecast with mike. still slow off the east shore freeway. a few earlier accidents through a wrench in the entire commute. we have one in san francisco. a mixed message here. better news, it's not a deadly accident. a person was taken from the scene, the bicyclist after they were hit. they are in serious condition but alive in a nearby hospital at mission and fremont.
10:30 am
south bay still recovering after the earlier accident. thank you, mike, for the latest traffic and news updates find us on nbc bay area morning news on facebook. lwe'le b bwekor tomorrow mornin starting at 4:30. we'll see you then. we are back on this wines day with back of "today." it's time to play the trivia game and since it's national parents day, we have questions about celebrity families. kathie lee is at the nbc experience store and she's ready to hand out 100 bucks to those who answer the questions right and to those who don't, they get a copy of her cd. isn't that nice? here is "people" magazine's assistant editor. how do you think the folks doll? >> well, they're not that differ cult? with any luck, there will be $100 bills. >> sorry, guys i'm dieing with this cough. this is a family from ken tuck pep in "big daddy," he who plays
10:31 am
julian's real dad? john schneider, jon stewart, steve carell or james. >> believe it's the first one. >> believe you're wrong. >> no, no, no, it's good. happy news, he gets my cd "sentimental." good for him. so the correct answer is jon stewart. >> a lot of people don't remember that before he was the host of "the daily show," he was a stand-up comedian and an actor who had quite a few film roles and tv roles. >> did not know. back to kath. >> which father gave him his first acting role, tom hanks, martin sheen. >> i'll say martin sheen. >> it's a good day for me. >> great day for all. >> that was a good guess. i would have said martin sheen.
10:32 am
the correct answer is tom hanks. >> that film called "that thing you do." he gave his son colin hanks a role. >> his son had a long runway with acting and that was his first role and since then he's been in a few roles that don't even involve his dad. >> look at this beautiful mom and their kids, they are from chicago, the most honest city in the country, right? >> yes. >> all right. we'll play a clip, okay? i'll ask you the question. >> what else can we be forgetting? >> kevin! >> yes! in "home alone" where are kevin's patients headed on vacation when they -- don't say it. when they realize they've forgotten him? they're going rome, italy, new york, new york, paris, france or los angeles, california. >> new york. >> oh, look. she gets the lullaby album for her little children. >> this is kathie lee's favorite day ever. she's given away through cds.
10:33 am
>> the correct answer is they were going paris. >> it is a trick question because in home alone 2, they're headed to new york. so a little bit of a tricky one. >> i feel like the chicago woman should have gotten the woman. maybe the $50. >> i'll give them the other one, too. the party animals. you're from kentucky, right? which mother/daughter pair have never appeared in a movie together? gwyneth paltrow and blythe danner, rheaumer willis and dem i moore, or mary gunnar and meryl streep. >> i'll have to go with c. >> you'll have to go with c and not get my cd? oh! >> okay. wait. that may have been my favorite image of all time, right there. that was genius. i've never seen anyone cheer for not getting a cd like that. the correct answer, he was
10:34 am
right. kate hudson and goldie hawn have never been in a movie together. >> blythe played gwyneth's mom in "silvia" and rumer willis played the younger sister of dem i moore. >> and they're dead ringers. ease casting right there. >> back across to kath. >> beautiful lady from stockton, california. we'll have another little clip. take a look. >> but i will be watching you, studying your every move, and if i find that you are trying to corrupt my firstborn child i will bring you down, baby. i will bring you down to chinatown. >> okay. that quote is from what movie "analyze that," "meet the parents," "everybody's fine" or "meet the fokkers." "meet the parents." that's a great movie. that was such a huge hit, it spawned not one, but two sequels and "meet the fockers" and
10:35 am
"little fockers." coming up next, what to wear for a steamy summer night on the town right after this. ♪ ♪ ♪ i can run just like the wind ♪ i will hide up in that tree ♪ no one will ever find me ♪ wish this day would never end ♪ ♪ would you like to be my friend? ♪ ♪ everybody's trying hard to catch me ♪ [ sneezes ] [ female announcer ] only kleenex® brand has sneeze shield in all its tissues to help catch sneezes in their tracks so kids can pass on the fun of being a kid. sneeze shield your kids wherever they go. now in new convenient on-the-go packs.
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if you have painful, swollen joints, i've been in your shoes. one day i'm on p of the world... the next i'm saying... i have this thing called psoriatic arthritis. i had some intense pain. it progressively got worse. my rheumatologist told me about enbrel. i'm surprised how quickly my symptoms have been managed. [ male announcer ] because enbrel suppresses your immune system, it may lower your ability to fight infections. serious, sometimes fatal events including infections, tuberculosis, lymphoma, other cancers, and nervous system and blood disorders have occurred. before starting enbrel, your doctor should test you for tuberculosis and discuss whether you've been to a region where certain fungal infections are common. don't start enbrel if you have an infection like the flu. tell your doctor if you're prone to infections, have cuts or sores, have had hepatitis b, have been treated for heart failure, or if, while on enbrel, you experience persistent fever, bruising, bleeding, or paleness.
10:38 am
get back to the things that matter most. good job girls. ask your rheumatologist if enbrel is right for you. it is time for "today's style" and the perfect summer wardrobe for evenings on the town. >> let me paint the picture. >> the sun is out and the weather is warm and you managed perfect hair despite the
10:39 am
humidity? what do you wear? kate knows and she's the director for "people's" style watch. >> all kind of people today. >> we're used to wearing the same kind of things. >> summer is such a great time to play around and try some trends. you don't have to make a major investments. all of the pieces i'm showing you today are under $100, actually and everyone is playing around a little bit more. there's more color. more styles. >> the dressy shorts which sounds a little bit like an oxymoron, kind of. >> just you wait. just you wait. >> how cute is that. >> the dressy short is the alternative to the mini skirt and play with it the same way, but to dress it up you have to look for the more luxurious fabrics. these shorts from are express. it could be a night out to dinner. it's a great date look.
10:40 am
i love the top. it's from kohl's and it's $18. >> thank you, marie. >> she's got a maxi dress on. >> such a dramatic statement. a maxi dress for summer and one important point is to look for something a little bare or top if you'll cover something else. you might want to show a little shoulder. this is from and this dress is a convertible. it can be a halter and it can be strapless. it looks sexy with a flat shoe. so you have more comfort going on there. >> it works for all figure types too. >> exactly. this is great. you can actually create a sleeve with this dress. edressme,$46. >> the next one is a playful look. this is a romper. >> she's been talking about rompers like crazy. >> we all love a romper.
10:41 am
a fun little trend. >> what doesn't she look good in. adorable. >> this is a super cute trend and one thing that's important and this romper is $80. if you want to do this for evening you have to look for slightly more sophisticated accessories and we paired it with metallic heels and a metallic clutch and that will take it into an evening moment. >> and it's got the feather thing on the front. >> i love the brilliant color. it really gives it a little more punch. >> thank you. upon. >> see? my mother could not wear that. no. my mom's a beautiful woman, but, you know -- >> our flirty top. we have debbie. deb, come on out. >> i love this look on debbie. this is a great flirty top. this is an easy one to try, but when looking for a flirty top like this one from bebe, you have to look for one where you can show the shoulder. this is a great option, the one-shoulder. this is a great option with the
10:42 am
white jeans. it makes it look fresh. >> she's wearing that bracelet -- the cuff. >> exactly. look at you! you pay attention. >> i know, you can't believe it. let's bring our models and they're great look, kate. >> thank you so much. >> i love what you're wearing. >> this is dkny. love her. >> coming up next, steve greenberg is here with some shades for your dog. of course, there are. and some other fun little toys and things for the summer right after this. >> he'see so enthusiastic. [ betsy ] you know my weakness. [ gertrude ] real good. [ norma ] you're so sweet. [ maude ] you're so salty. [ betsy ] irresistible. [ female announcer ] n vi inang s s e'tterbea way atbe stoisfy your cravings, twice a day with special k. enjoy something sweet... and something salty and still stay on track. ♪
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10:46 am
>> it's time to play with toys. with this warm weather there are fun gadgets for kids of all ages like us. >> here with a few of his favorites is one of our favor e favorites is steve greenberg. these are bluetooth sunglasses from ask
10:47 am
sync them to the phone to take phone calls in your sunglasses. >> i use them all of the time. >> where's the microphone for your mouth? >> it's through your earpiece. it's really great. under $40. >> talk about the dog with the shades. >> you protect my eyes. >> is she on the phone right now? >> this is bluetooth, these are called dogggles. so if she puts her head out of the window when you're driving, the police dogs use them in search and rescue. >> what if you don't want your dog to get wet. >> this is a dog umbrella. >> you can attach the leash and your dog will not get wet. >> and they know to stay right underneath it. >> this is jordana. >> hi. nice to meet you. >> thank you. >> i think hoda likes this a lot. >> there is the igrill.
10:48 am
it sends a wireless signal to your ipad or the phone with your temperature and with the right temperature. >> that is insane. guys will go crazy over that. >> genius idea. >> the guys are salivating. >> this is a folding picnic table. holds four adults and $200 from ham akre schlemer. >> so you can carry it around? >> and put it in your car. opens up, no tools noes build it. under $200. next, it's hot and you want cool pops, right? this you just keep in the freezer all of the time and when you want your pops, you put it on the countertop and in six to nine minutes you've got pops and these are the ones your staff made. this is fruits juice. >> here you go. >> i don't know if this is your flavor or not. >> thank you very much. >> this, i think is very good. this is called butterfly garden. for $20 you get this garden and you get caterpillar with a
10:49 am
coupon. put five caterpillars. >> they come in the mail? >> yeah. they come in the mail and then they grow and turn this cocoon stage. you hang it up in here and they turn into butterflies. ten dayies to ten days and release the butterflies? >> you don't feed them anything? >> oranges. >> that's down in the bottom. >> the goal is to let them out and you don't keep them in there forever. under $20. it's great. >> a tv that you can have outside. >> this is the in the rain, waterproof tv. s-i-i-l and to prove it we have video. >> don't do it! >> oh! >> hoda, your hair! oh, no! hoda! >> we've never seen that before. >> your hair, honey! it's a miracle, you still look great! >> i'm shocked. >> it's great to use. >> moving on. >> this is from nike. it's nike plus gps sports watch
10:50 am
and put this into your sneaker and with that and the satellite, you wear this watch. what's cool about it, when you come back, you flip this over here and right over here you have a usb port and it gives you the details about how many calories you burn. >> i want that. >> jena would want that. >> this is called skype -- it's s-b-y-k-e, and this is kind of a hybrid. i got water on me, sorry, everybody. i wasn't nervous. this thing is really great for, it's the hybrid for a kick scooter because you can go over curbs and bumps because they re-engineered thing and it fits in the trunk of your car. i'm going to run. >> good talking to you, steve. >> up next, a beach treat that will take you to cannes, france, but first, this is "today" on nbc. ♪
10:51 am
10:52 am
10:53 am
10:54 am
all right. critics say if you're a purveyor of pop culture and you speak fluent, perez hilton and tmz you will love "beneath a starlet sky." >> they take you behind the scenes for a look at the steamy and seedy side of the cannes film festival. it's cannes, right? and this is your second book together. >> congrats, by the way, number two. >> it's the same character sort of at a different event. you read it, the first one. >> yes, at the oscars. >> you picked the cannes film festival. tell us about that. >> well, we sort of, it's a satire based on hollywood and we were sort of looking to up the ante and the cannes film festival, hollywood sort of descends on the small town in france and it becomes camp for
10:55 am
hollywood grown ups. >> and yacht-hopping and bikinis. >> lots of style. >> the party's in the book. >> it's a secret that's revealed in the end. we won't give it away, but you've been friends quite a while. you're the daughter of dennis hopper, great actor. >> and you're the daughter of the famed producer leonard goldberg. so you know what you're writing about. >> you guys have been on the inside and you're such grounded young ladies. how did that happen? >> thank you. >> thank you. >> see what i mean? >> we came together as two girlfriends sort of at a crossroads. we were both working in hollywood and kind of wanting to get out of hollywood and ironically we ended up writing about hollywood, but we've been very lucky to have parents who have been very grounded. you know, we were sort of -- we call ourselves zoologists. we're sort of observers of the scenes. >> we're not the ones dancing on
10:56 am
the tables. we're the ones watching the people dancing on the tables. >> we were wondering about you two. >> we like watching other people. >> voyeurs. >> are there lots of relationships and things that people will be able to connect with? >> yes. at the heart of the story is the story of these three best girlfriends and it's the girlfriends navigating through their love lives, family life and their careers so hopefully, no matter what you do for a living you can relate to these women. >> it's a lot of fun. i really think it should be a film though. >> we would love that. >> yes. >> there are certain books that -- >> maybe someone's watching and they'll do it. >> maybe someone's watching. >> are you working on your third book yet or what? >> well, not quite yet. amanda just got married. >> congratulations. >> thank you. >> i have a little one. >> and the next one, we'll go to sundance. >> sundance will be perfect. >> great, great, summer read. >> tomorrow we have aden quinn with us. >> plus the best outdoor water
10:57 am
toys and where to travel with your pet. is steve goldberg coming back? >> i like steve. >> i might bring in bambino. >> have a great day everybody. gthoms ayw'sduror!s da. bey -- captions by vitac --
10:58 am
10:59 am

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